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Dec 9, 2010 07:59 AM

Help with itinerary

Hi fellow hounds,

Visiting Paris soon and thanks to all the great threads on this board, I have made reservations @ Spring, Frenchie & Le Regalade St. Honore. Also planning to hit up Chez Dumonet, Chez Denise, L'grume & Chez Grenouille. Questions are;

1. How early do I have to make reservations for the restaurants I plan to hit up? Is a day or two before I go enough?

2. I want to try some Asian food in Paris. How are Yoom and Hokkaido? Any other suggestions for around the same price range?

3. Also plan on going to Le Comptoir du Relais (lunch) and Cafe Constant (dinner). What time should I arrive for minimal wait since these restaurants do not accept reservations.

4. Finally, any idea if these restaurants accept the American Express card?


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  1. In France, it's basically a good idea to leave your Amex in your pocket. Merchants are charged very high fees for Amex, about 6 times higher than Visa or MC. Only hotels and car rentals routinely accept Amex, otherwise, avoid the grimaces and don't even try to use it.

    1. Never too early for reservations....

      Nice list!

      1. Regarding money, you save @3% if you use ATM's rather than the credit cards, IMHO only way to go. Get to Le Comptoir about 11:45 and should be included in first seating, very little wait. Chez Denise, as well as Dumonet ,is usually a same day res but a day or so before couldn't hurt. Hope this helps.