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Dec 9, 2010 05:01 AM

Favourite vegetarian main dish?

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I are gently trying to introduce his family to vegetarian food. After a few moths though, we're running a bit low on inspiration. Problem is they eat fairly unadventurously, and are of the belief that something like salad/ soup does not a proper meal make (no matter what you throw in there), so a lot of things I'd normally make are out/ not popular.

If anyone has simple,go-to veggie recipes for a main meal you wouldn't mind sharing, be most obliged!

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  1. These are two of my very favorites , from smittenkitchen. The mushroom dish is often mentioned here
    as well as butternut squash lasagne

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      I'm going to try these--what delicious ideas!!

    2. This is a good thread to start with when introducing veggies:

      Also, mac and cheese with peas and corn is an excellent main dish that nobody ever turns down. Pasta generally is something that unadventurous folks are okay with, so start with veggie-centric versions of pasta dishes they're familiar with.

      I also like doing a vegetarian shepherd's pie. This recipe from epicurious is good:

      Just omit the meat, and add more veggies. To this recipe, I'd probably add cubed potatoes, a rib or two of celery, and maybe some greens like spinach or kale. If you're feeling particularly froggy, there's also an excellent brand of vegetarian sausage called Field Roast. I've used the apple sage sausage in this recipe before. I actually am not a vegetarian, but almost all my friends are vegetarian or vegan (or have gluten allergies... I'm a regular halfway home for people with dietary restrictions!), and they're always trying to get me to eat fake meat. I really rather dislike the taste of most fake meat, and I'm a big proponent of whole and natural, as-unprocessed-as-possible foods, but Field Roast really tastes good!

      Anyway, there's a start.

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        Lentils make a great filling for Shepherd's Pie.

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          I used to do mushrooms and brussel sprouts alot... my parents loved it and they were very big carnivores

        2. For many years, the Eggplant Parmigiana from the "Vegetarian Epicure's" book. I totally forget has no meat.

          And it never fails to get rave reviews.

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            I'd second eggplant parmesan of any kind.

          2. I rarely cook vegetarian, but one dish I've had a hit with when serving vegetarian friends is wild mushroom lasagna. There are quite a few variations on this - they all start with good mushrooms (porcini are great for this dish), bechamel and a sprinkling of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and some add meltable cheeses like mozzarella or fontina, and/or tomato, but I like the more basic version as it lets the mushroom flavor shine.

            1. There are lots of great vegetarian Italian options: Lasagna, risotto, various stuffed pasta (ravioli, cannelloni, tortellini), pizza.

              Other ideas:
              Vegetarian chili, veggie quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas
              Assorted vegetarian Spanish Tapas, including tortilla (made with potato)
              Lots of Indian options.

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                I'd vote for Ottolenghi's Very Full Tart, a tart made up of all kinds of roasted vegs - eggplant, zukes, tomatoes, parsnips, onions, garlic, peppers, etc. The vegs are roasted with olive oil first and then mixed together and put into the tart shell. Globs of feta and ricotta are pushed into the pie and the whole thing is baked again. The shell is a butter crust. This is just great.

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                  I second this -- so delicious and gobs of flavor!

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                    Joan, can you post a link to the recipe please?