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Dec 8, 2010 08:48 PM

dumpling skins

i want to make Mark Bittmans recipe for shu mai. where do i buy dumpling skins in portland? thanks

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  1. East Side: Fubonn Market
    West Side / Beaverton: Uwajimaya Market

    You can also get all the other ingredients in the recipe at those places. If location is no object, Uwajimaya is a better market.

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    1. re: petebuick

      I agree with jmikey. I always use wonton wrappers when I make shu mai. I just cut a smidge off each corner so they end up in the proper shape without excess wrapper.

    2. Have you tried using won ton skins. They are available just about everywhere and I can see no difference.They also make one hell of a ravioli. Good luck. JMP

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      1. re: jmikey

        Ok, I bought a pack of yellowish wonton skins. I have tried several times to make dumplings with 2 problems:
        first, they are nearly impossible to close(seal) I tried egg and then just water.
        then... when i put them into the pot to boil, of course they fell apart and if they were sealed well(hardly any) the skin was thin and the stuffing came out- yuk!