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Dec 8, 2010 07:55 PM

Independent Health Food Stores / Farmers Markets in North Miami?

I will be visiting over the Christmas holidays and looking to buy organic food and produce - ideally not at Wholefoods! Any local independent shops or markets of note. I am staying in Sunny Isles. Thanks!

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  1. Worth the short drive is Josh's Organic Garden on Hollywood Beach.

    Open only on Sunday from 9AM-5:31PM.

    101 N Ocean Dr # 169
    Hollywood, FL 33019-1797
    (954) 251-1631

    1. There is an awesome farmer's market in Liberty City that started last week. My wife affectionately calls it the 'Ghetto Farmer's Market.' Don't worry, it is a cultural experience going to this area of town. The market itself is safe.

      The market is all local farmers with a large organic selection. The best thing is super cheap.

      They run from now until April.
      Liberty City Farmer's Market
      TACOLCY Park
      6161 NW 9th Ave
      Miami, FL 33127