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what's hot ? what's new?

Arriving NOLA day after Christmas for 4 days. We visit 2-3 / year and have been the majority of places usually noted several times. Anything new to check out? We have a car and any price range is cool. Thanks!

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  1. Feast is a new fine dining restaurant open for lunch and dinner in the CBD. Camelia Grill has a restaurant in the FQ now.

    Feast Restaurant @ 200 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA 504 - 304 - 6318.
    Camelia Grill @ 540 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 504 - 522 - 1800.

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      I had a late lunch yesterday at the original, Carrollton Camellia, and it seemed a bit empty and dispirited. Was this an anomalous experience, or has the old dear fallen on hard times?

      Camellia Grill
      626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

      1. Capdeville - 520 Capdeville Street (just off Lafayette Square). Known for its lively bar scene, but people rave about the burgers and the truffle mac and cheese. The cocktails also get high marks, and they have some interesting specialties.

        Cafe Abyssinia - 3511 Magazine Street (2 blocks uptown of Louisiana ). Small mom-and-pop Ethiopian, opened last month. Has been getting very good notices and might make for a nice change of pace. Caveat: no liquor license, but Martin's Wine Cellar is just across the street.

        1. Dominiques, Meson 923, Le Foret, Oak and Bouligny are a few of the newest and best bets.

          Le Foret
          129 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. Thanks all!! Great new ideas!!!

            1. I agree with Le Foret, Rue 127 and Dominique. If you are here on Sunday night, MVB is a great addition to the line up.

              Le Foret
              129 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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                Three Muses, Sylvian, Mimi's River Ridge (new chef), Roux on Orleans, Mia's Balcony, Oak, J'anita's at The Rendon Inn (new location)

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                  Some of these are good suggestions if you like bars that serve great food, but ultimately they are still bars. I guess it depends on what mood you are in or if you want fine dining or very laid back.

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                    Guess that all depends on whether you value ambiance over great food. Personally I go for the grub every time, regardless of location or setting.

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                    Also, I was wondering about Mimi's in River Ridge. I liked the red gravy at the old place. Is the new rendition completely different?

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                        Wow! Looks great. Did they do anything with the interior? It was pretty dreary in there before.

                        1. re: shanefink

                          "large portions at moderate prices" always sets off an alarm.