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Dec 8, 2010 06:04 PM

Washington DC

We will going to Washington DC over Yeshiva week. What can you recommend,esp in Downtown DC?Are there any pizza stores or any dairy places for a sandwich,etc.TIA

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  1. Check out Shamash for the list of restaurants. In terms of the vacation, I would take sandwiches because you will be spending your entire day on your feet. Parking is a big issue and I assume you will be hitting the museums. We hit the museums (spy museum was a waste of money, try to get in to Congress and the White House--we planned that in advance with our Senator at the time--Hillary Clinton). We would collapse at dinner each night and chow down then. Eli's is great--meat in the Dupont area. The pizza place in Silver Spring next to a couple of other restaurants was good enough. FYI, there is a Marriott in the city that used to be a bank. They have the bank vault still in tact and you can see it from the indoor swimming pool. It is walking distance to the Capitol. I heard the Pita place in College Park is now closed. That place was very good. Have fun. Bundle up and bring your walking shoes.

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      I respectfully disagree. Our kids (then 13, 11, 7, and 5) thought the highlight of the trips was the spy museum. We also really liked Fords Theater (where you can see the gun that shot Lincoln and see the booth where he was sitting). As for food, Eli's was ok - serviceable but not great. Definitely bring sandwiches for lunch. We stayed in a place with the kitchen and brought breakfast food as well. We also ate one meal at the JCC. It was ok. The kids like the shnitzel.

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        I have to disagree as well on the spy museum. My kids loved it. Didn't try Eli's, but we brought lots of prepared food from home, stayed in a hotel with a full size fridge and either made it a point to go back to the room for lunch or brought our sandwiches with us. (PS. Bureau of Engraving was also great; it's closed on weekends and the lines can be pretty long so dress warmly!)

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          I have nothing to add other than the fact that I could very happily spend an entire Chol Hamoed in the Spy Museum's gift shop alone, kids or no kids.

      2. Eli's is passable. Better for dinner I think. But it is the only game in town. The JCC gets their food (or at least did 6 months ago) from Eli's. Better to bring sandwiches for lunch and eat in one of the Smithsonian cafes. Silver Spring or Rockville MD are a good 30-45 minutes away but are the only places you will get pizza. I would stay downtown if you can - near a metro stop -- makes getting around much easier.

        1. Our gang loved Eli's. We stayed in Georgetown in a hotel that had kitchens but we ended up spending as much on groceries and paper goods at Trader Joe's and some other store (can't remember) as it would have cost us to just eat out.

          Look - Eli's does not make its own deli, so you will eat the same stuff you can get anywhere. Stick to the soups and cooked food which they DO make themselves and you will have a good meal. If you want deli, eat out in NY or LA.

          If you have time to plan it, go to the Bureau of Engraving. We've been there twice and we'd go again.

          1. Stay in the rockville or silver spring area. Trust me. You will have a VERY wide option of kosher food places, shuls etc plus it is nice there.Try Nut HousePizza- Awesome!, take the METRO (the train) which is very nice, back and forth, it is abt a half hour.

            1. We stayed outside the city for part of the week and then moved to the city Marriott so we'd be on time for the White House tour we set up. We liked being near the restaurants and shuls out of the city for most of the week. I felt that the Spy Museum was too complicated for my kids at their ages and cost way too much money for what they got out of it. It was also extremely crowded when we were there-- we could not even move our bodies through the crowds. The Bureau of Engraving was good and Air and Space was excellent. The White House and Capitol tour were a bit boring for them at the time, but they still talk about it. I think it's important for them to have a point of reference when they learn about it at school. BTW, we have friends that have spent Shabbos more than once with Kesher Israel, the Georgetown synagogue. They love the vibe and the hospitality and they like being in the city to walk around.

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                Where is the Georgetown synagogogue in relation to downtown DC? As of now, we are staying at Residence Marriot near the Capitol. Thanks. My thought was to stay downtown to be near everything as well. TIA.

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                  Georgetown is about two miles northwest of downtown.