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Nov 8, 2005 02:31 PM

Santa Monica Breakfast

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Staying up in Santa Monica after a Malibu shindig and would love some suggestions for a good breakfast place in Santa Monica open Sat. mornings.


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  1. Try The Victorian, Amelias or Omellette parlor.

    1. Swingers (Lincoln), Shelter Cove (Wilshire), Daisy Cafe (Pico), Calahans (Wilshire).

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      1. re: OldLA

        Shelter Cove? Where is that? Or is that a code word for Snug Harbor?

      2. Rose Cafe in the Santa Monica/Venice area is delicious. I especially like how you can have a leisurely, full-service meal out on the patio, or grab a quick serve-yourself meal inside or on the side patio.

        If you're willing to head over to the west side of Santa Monica, Snug Harbor is one of my favorites for breakfast. The nearby Bread & Porridge has its own following too.

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        1. re: TracyS

          I like the food at Rose ok, but it seems way over priced and they have a small menu. The setting is nice, but I wish that there were better options with better prices.

        2. Jack n Jill's on 5th and Santa Monica or Cora's Coffee Shoppe on Ocean

          1. I had a late breakfast just today at the Broadway Deli, having not been in several years. It was--as ever--terrific.

            Certainly not diner-(or for that matter deli-)cheap, but everything was very well-executed and fresh.