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Dec 8, 2010 03:16 PM

Cantonese Restaurant Reco for Hong Kong

Hello to all !!

Going back to HK again early in January. Besides going to Chili Fagara I will like to focus on good cantonese restaurants. Recommendations are welcome !! I'm open to eveything: I can handle extremes: for example last time among other experiences I went to Hutong for dinner and another day to Fung Shing in Leighton Road near the Crowne Plaza. This is a very old restaurant, hole in the wall kind of place with no decor and full of locals. Food verdict: Fung Shing by a landslide and 20% of the cost. I'm comparing apples to oranges but get the message. The objectives is to learn from similar experiences from the board. One night/day I will like to go to a place to Spring Moon and I will continue to research others as well. I'm travelling solo on business so I don't have any limitations. So go ahead and hit me with your best punch!!

Regards to all,


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  1. With location and price point a criteria, I would suggest you do some preliminary research on, narrow down your list and choices and then flag them to us for comments. The choices are so immense, one could easily give you a dozen+, ranging from hole-in-the-wall for the really adventurous palette to sophisticated Michelin star dining!!