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Dec 8, 2010 02:10 PM

Feast from the East?

Just went to Feast from the East and had the Chinese Chicken Salad. I have heard so much about it. I was disappointed. To me there is no comparison between them and California Chicken Cafe. The latter is so much better, and puts in large chunks of chicken, with mandarin oranges. They always accomodate our requests. Feast from the East, used shredded chicken and was dry. There was nothing really in their salad. What is your opinion?

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  1. I think everyone loves their dressing---which is sold at Costco, BTW,

    1. We are addicted to their sesame chicken drumettes and wings...

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      1. re: Servorg

        We ordered those too. They were good, but felt like something was lacking.

        1. re: paprkutr

          Do you have another WLA suggestion for these? We go to have them at least once a month, so we aren't going to stop unless we find a replacement location.

      2. Agree 100%-the Chinese Chicken Salad is better at California Chicken Cafe

        I've been to to Feast from the East one time and that was enough for me.

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        1. re: Scotty

          Usta-b-good but not anymore - dreadful chicken salad, scruffy restaurant.