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Dec 8, 2010 01:04 PM

ISO: apricot kernels

I found a recipe for amaretto that calls for apricot kernels.
any idea where to get them?

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    They are based in Cambridge so they may be supplying T.O. stores as well, Otherwise you could just order from them online.

    1. I saw these the other day at Bestwin supermarket. They are from an Asian brand that I've also seen at some Loblaws.The brand is Merlin international.

      The package actually says "dried almond seed" which I'm assuming is the same thing. It has the same flavour/scent profile as apricot kernels. I currently have some soaking in vodka to make almond extract.

      Hope this helps!


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        dried almond seeds, while a good substitute for apricot kernels, are not the same as apricot kernels

      2. Qi Herbs and Nutrition at Bloor and Bathurst carries them.

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            and i assume you meant Qi Natural Foods on Bloor and Christie?

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              Actually no, they just opened a new one at Bloor and Bathurst. That's where I saw them.

          2. FYI, Qi Natural Foods also has a location on Eglinton just east of Allen Rd., south side of the street.

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              even better for me. i'm there once a week.