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Dec 8, 2010 12:38 PM

New Peruvian Food restaurant in Austin? Anyone tried it?


I just saw that a new Peruvian food place opened in Austin, in Highland Mall. Has anyone tried it yet? Is it any good?

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  1. Yes, I tried a couple dishes at this restaurant the other day. Good chicken and rice and ceviche. Very authentic. I would recommend it.

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      What is the name and address of the restaurant?

      1. re: smunoztoro

        Yes...would love more detail. Is it a food court place? In or next to the mall? BYOB? etc....

      2. re: warrenj

        Info, please...resto name?address?

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          I think it's La Chaparrita which is in the food court of Highland Mall. I haven't been there to try it yet but plan to soon. Here's a Yelp review I found:

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            This place is a Peruvian resto, in the Highland Mall Food Court ( just opened) , their hours are 10-9 except Sunday 12-6, & they take credit cards. I can't wait to go check it out , & will post review after. The phone number in the Yelp review referenced above works, for further info.

            La Chaparrita Mexican Food
            18638 Fm 1431, Jonestown, TX 78645

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              I just went to La Chaparrita this weekend. I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised to find carapulcra on their menu! You get a lot of yummy food for the price, so I would definitely recommend it. The main drawback is that it's in Highland Mall's food court, so it's not a place for a fancy date.
              The couple who run it are very nice and were trying to entice passersby to try Peruvian food (so many people had never tried it before). They told me that they are working on a website and currently have a Facebook page. The address above is not correct (that's a Mexican restaurant way out in Jonestown).
              Their correct address is:
              6001 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX, 78752

              Facebook page:

              Article from local newspaper El Mundo (in Spanish):

              La Chaparrita
              6001 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

      3. Tried it today. Nice guy running the booth. They whipped up a lomo saltado for me, even though I didn't see it listed on the menu. A simple typical Peruvian dish with tomatoes, onion, beef and French fries over rice. Also an arroz chaufa. Funny all the Asian influence in Peruvian food. I had an Inca Kola, but got a free taste of the Chicha ( drink made of purple corn) too. Hope they make it, seems odd to recently open in the Highland mall...

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          I suppose it's the silver lining of failing retail developments that businesses which wouldn't otherwise inhabit easily accessible and high visibility locations get a shot at the (fading) limelight. It'd be worth the loss of the big anchor stores to me if the food court at Highland Mall were to become an ethnic cuisine bazaar.

        2. Went there today for lunch. As mentioned, they are stationed in the middle of a somewhat desolate food court. I love the idea that this food court could someday be destination dining. I had the carapulcra, which was delicious. The perfect thing to have on a chilly day. Next time I'll try the ceviche, which they said was great. I then went for a surreal walk around what's left of Highland Mall. Good deals to be had at Macys as they are almost completely out of business.

          1. Ate there last night with my boyfriend. This place is run by the nicest couple in the world, and I want them to succeed for that reason alone. Luckily, they won't have to, because the food is tasty.

            After chatting with the husband for awhile, my boyfriend ordered the lomo saltado (not listed on the somewhat limited menu, which has something like eight Peruvian dishes and around the same number of Mexican ones, plus breakfast tacos). We decided to share the papa a la huancaina for an appetizer and I ordered the tiradito for my entree. The papa a la huancaina was delicious and just the same as every other time I've had it: cold, mildly chilied potatoes covered in creamy, cheesy goodness, served with iceberg lettuce and a black olive. The lomo saltado was nice and savory, suitable for starch lovers like me with sides of both fluffy, garlicky rice and french fries. The tilapia was good, but probably a dish better suited to summertime. It was a very limey ceviche-style fish served with corn kernels and a creamy, mild aji sauce, and came with a side of another spicier sauce and popped corn kernels. When the wife came around to check how we liked our food and I mentioned that I hadn't realized what a cold and refreshing dinner I had ordered on a wintery Austin day, she offered to fry the fish anytime I wanted a warm dish. She mentioned that ceviche is eaten all the time in Peru, but that they are happy to make anything a customer orders, on the menu or not. I didn't see chicha on the menu, and I wish I'd remembered to ask, because I love that stuff, and it would have complimented my meal nicely, although the Inca Kola did the trick.

            All in all, super accommodating, very affordable, and the friendliest people I've come across in awhile.

            La Chaparrita
            6001 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

            1. My husband and I ate there last night and it was delicious. We ordered way too much food, but I was excited to try a lot of things. I'm not an expert on Peruvian food, but everything tasted fresh and well seasoned.

              We started with appitizers of ceviche and causa de pollo. The ceviche was made to order. The ceviche was fresh and marinating in a super yummy spicy lime sauce/marinade. It came with a large sliced of cooked sweet potato and corn of the cob. The causa is a sort of cassorole with chicken with mayo between layers of potato and topped with deviled egg. Yum!

              My husband had the lomo saltado which was beef with onions and tomatoes over fires with white rice on the side. I had a bite and it was really good. I got a "sampler" plate, but I forget what they called it at the restaurant. It had a sample of 5 different menu items. It included aji de gallina, arroz con pollo, frijol con seco, papa a la huancaĆ­na, and one other dish that isn't on their menu. I think my favorite was the frijol con seco which was very intensely flavored and a bit salty, but really good flavors and the beef was tender. The arroz con poolo was a standout as well, but everything was good.

              They have some very appetizing pictures of the food on their facebook page under the name La Chaparrita Restaurant (Peruvian) -!/lachaparri... . It was those pictures that convinced me I could not delay trying it any longer.

              I will say that it is a little odd eating at the Highland Mall Foodcourt on a Wednesday night, not a lot of people around, but the food was worth it and the prices are very reasonable, especially for the ceviche. I think it was only 5.99.

              La Chaparrita
              6001 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

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              1. re: debegone

                I thought Highland Mall was shut(ting) down???

                1. re: amykragan

                  Not yet. It is still full of open stores, just no anchor stores.

                  1. re: debegone

                    Also, ACC just purchased a lot of space. Hard to envision, but I guess the place will be a psuedo-campus/mall/food court in the end.

                    1. re: rudeboy

                      there is actually something like this in the boston area.
                      lesley college bought space in the porter exchange building.
                      since it's near the porter t stop, it's really accessible.
                      there were already a lot of asian street food kiosks, and a japanese bakery.
                      the college has a number of asian students, so it was a really good fit.

                      it has suffered a bit in the economy of the past few years.
                      it's not as foodish now, because some of the stores and sit-down places closed.
                      but, it works, and i would love to see something like that flourish here.

                      1. re: dinaofdoom

                        And there is a rail stop across from Highland Mall.

                2. re: debegone

                  ceviche fish was still partially frozen. i was especially incensed given that a food court -- in a mall -- is the last place i'd want to be caught dead eating. never again.