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Dec 8, 2010 10:51 AM

Bahn Mi now available in Columbia MO

Was at my favorite restaurant in Columbia, China Wok on Broadway for my vietnamese fix when the lady invites me to try their new Banh Mi sandwich. Of course I said yeah and it was delicious. Had thin layers of mayo and pate, along with two other meats that I could not readily identify, not that I cared because it tasted great, cucumber, shredded daikon and carrots, cilantro and fresh jalapenos on a baguette.

She also indicated a new type of soup that she explained was similar to Pho but I opted out of that one and tried the Banh Mi instead.

Don't know if either new item is on the menu but they were excited to offer their new items.

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  1. I heard there was a new Vietnemese place in Columbia, have you tried it yet?

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    1. re: VBeatso

      I saw the sign, just up Broadway from China Wok, can't remember the name exactly but I know it said "vietnamese bistro". Don't think it is open yet, will certainly give it a try when it does.

      1. re: zeke

        Saigon Bistro is the name and I just checked, it is open now, I think it opened in mid-Nov. or early Dec. I have been hearing good things online and I think they have Banh Mi as well. I might have to go try it for myself.

        Saigon Bistro
        3123 E Pawnee St, Wichita, KS 67211