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Dec 8, 2010 10:43 AM

Foodie Fun in the 2nd Arr.

Arriving tomorrow and we have rented an apartment in the 2nd Arr. I know Frenchie is right aroundthe corner from me, but the chances of getting in are nil.

What other food shops, restaurants, wine bars in the area??

Also, I thought I heard a blurb on the radio this morning that Paris got 8 inches of snow this true??!!

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  1. Experimental Cocktail Club for excellent drinks. Passage 53 for excellent food.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      Chez Georges too.
      Aux Fines Gueules.
      I once had a very good meal at Peyrassol but have not been back recently.
      And coffee at Gocce di Caffé.

      Yes Paris is paralyzed by a snow storm this afternoon. All buses stopped running. And, sorriest, the airports were closed. Very beautiful. Very messy.

      1. re: Parigi

        Thanks for the coffee tip!! Where is Gocce di Caffe located?

        I am not too woried about the airports....I do not depart NY until 4pm tomorrow.

        Unless it keeps snowing!!

        1. re: tito

          "Where is Gocce di Caffe located?"

          Search, duh.

    2. I've been to Les Petit Carreaux at the top of Montorgeuil for lunch 3 times and enjoyed it each time. Great salads and planches and last week we had the special of the day which was a wonderful blanquette de veau for 13.90 euros.


      1. Well, don't just walk by the door! Ask Frenchie if there is anything open during your stay...take whatever he has and bag your other plans. That's how i get in.

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          Don't miss on Montmartre Presto Fresco, ravioli a la tartuffo are great, good wine, a real trattoria, Frenchie, Les Papilles, La régalade, chez Georges, yes! If on night your craving for an Italian IT is the place!

        2. On our last two visits we had lunch at Dalva 48, rue D'Argout in the 2nd. I wouldn't pass up le Comptoir for it, but it's close to you and decent. Ask for an upstairs table if they are serving there. I like the one by the window. Both times we ate the special with a decent wine. The boss guy lived in Chicago for a while and speaks reasonably good English. I first went there on the advice of a friend, who I hold in esteem regarding such things. OTOH John Talbott isn't impressed.

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          1. re: hychka

            Thanks to all that gave adivece for our trip! We just barely made it out last night before the weather blew in.

            Our top meals in decending order

            Violon d' Ingres (Sp?) the most expensive evening of our trip but the wild pigeon with a 2007 Chateau de La Nerthe was awesome!

            Domenique Bouchet: equally as good as Violon and almost as expensive.

            Le Troquet: They took us in with no reservation (at 8:15) and they were packed within 30 minutes. I have dined here before and we always go home happy. Cabbage salad with seared duck and bacon to start followed by Hake baked in a cast iron casserole with capers herbs and lemon which was very nice. Washed down with a 2009 Sancerre (29 euros / bottle)

            Panna Cotta with passion fruit puree was a nice finish. Love this place.

            Le Christine: Food was good, not great but the Manager/Maitre d' was knowldgeable and helpful with wine suggestions. Decor and atmosphere was super. I would reccommend.

            Stephane Martin: The biggest dissapointment of the trip. Although the food was good-to-very good, it was the service that did them in. We were there on Saturday night. We had 3 courses.
            We were there for almost 4 hours!!!

            There was at least an hour between courses, and it was the entire restaurant, not just us. Plates were not cleared between courses. The wait was very uncomfortable and we could see the discomfort on the faces of other diners around us.

            I had heared some good buzz on this place.

            I am wondering if anyone else has dined there? Was it a "one off" experience? Or perhaps that is the pace that they usually operate?

            We did stop at Les Fines Guelles (Sp?) for a night cap one night. The wine selection by the glass was great and the owners were quite nice.

            We also stopped at Gocce d Caffe for a coffee (Passage Panoramas) the cappucinno was quite nice.

            Damn I love Paris........

            1. re: tito

              Very nice report, thanx. Hey you found Gocce di Caffe. Isn't the place nice?

              1. re: Parigi

                Very cute place. Gentleman behind the counter (i guess is the owner)was very accommodating.

                The wine bar arounf the corner, Racines, looked very interesting. Would you reccommend any of the bistros in the Passage Panoramas??

                1. re: tito

                  Passage 53.
                  Racines was a good place - albeit somewhat heavy attitude-wise - but had changed ownership. I have not been back.

              2. re: tito

                Stephane Martin is no Steve Martin, not sure who touted you on it, but it has always been over-rated.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  I've never heard of it, but I could order happily from either the menu or carte, something I can't always say even of some of my favorites. Love the sounds of the oeuf cocotte, St. Jacques, huitres, jarret, foie gras, ecornets, souris, bar. I don't 'do' dessert when I can avoid it, but 'moelleux au potiron et glace à la betterave' would tempt me.

                  A shame it doesn't deliver.

                2. re: tito

                  "I am wondering if anyone else has dined there? Was it a "one off" experience? Or perhaps that is the pace that they usually operate?"

                  We rented an apartment in the area a couple of years back to sample the abundance of good little places to eat in the 15th and Stephane Martin was one of them. Our visit was at lunch on a week day and it was very pleasant. I had the braised jarret of pork...generous and delicious. Your experience may have been the norm, but my one visit was indeed pleasant. Our American friends ordered tuna and not knowing the proper term for the degree of done-ness ask for it à point. Their disappointment was obvious in a mannerly fashion when they discovered that it was overcooked according to their expectation, and the waiter explained that "à point" is not usually used with fish, but replaced it with tuna "juste saisi" and an impromptu French lesson...rather accommodating I thought, knowing how expensive good tuna is.