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Dec 8, 2010 10:36 AM

Christmas eve all seafood dinner favorites?

just curious about everyone's favorite choices for christmas eve. i know the amounts differ from 7 to 10. we did 10 a few years ago which was working well until the calamari hit the floor. OOPS!

we've done:

tuna carpaccio
shrimp cocktail
shrimp scampi
salmon different ways
crab cakes
lobster tails
baked clams
mussells marinara

and others i can't recall right now. what are your favorites?

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  1. Maine lobster, fried flounder and local scallops are a few I don't see on your list. Maybe a fra diablo sauce and some frutti di mare salad beforehand. I was just going over my list a few minutes ago......

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      we have done scallops. forgot about that. here's an amazing recipe but it does require some attention. we don't have calvados so we subbed using 43. worked great.

      1. re: davmar77

        I might just make this on the 24th. I usually make scallops with butter,olive oil and lemon juice, and some seasonings, and serve over mesclun. This sounds like a nice change, and I have Calvados on hand. The scallops are so delicious this time of year, I've been eating them raw!

        Another thing but I don't make every year, is whole calamari, stuffed with scallops, lobster and shrimp and cooked for 20 minutes in red sauce. It's a meal in itself.

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          this goes well with the scallops and it's pretty easy. we don't always do the fried sage leaves though. we didn't feel it added enough but give it a try.

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            I always like thyme when seafood is involved in any way. My husband's family doesn't really do vegetables at Christmas, besides salad and maybe some finocchio. And the sauce of course.

      1. We are Italian and it is The Feast of the Seven Fishes. So, seven and only seven! Last year it was: (pic attached)

        Baked Roughy
        Oysters on the half shell
        shrimp fried, and boiled
        fried scallop
        grilled salmon
        seared ahi
        baked clams

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          It's also the Feast of the 12 fishes, for the apostles, I've heard tell: So I just make as much as I want. At least seven though.

        2. We are HUGE Christmas seafood eaters... there's always some steamed crab to be found, usually (since it's winter) in the form of king crab, and definitely mussels, but usually done with white wine & herbs. Mmmm. I love it!