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Dec 8, 2010 08:24 AM

Lebanese in Montreal

I have been searching for a good Lebanese restaurant in Montreal. I grew up eating my grandmother's Lebanese food, and when I bug my friends to try and find a decent Lebanese restaurant, they always resort to Basha's or Amir's. I can barely keep what they serve down.

So I'm hoping someone here can help me in my search. I'm a student at McGill, so something relatively close would be ideal. I don't mind taking the metro or the bus, but I don't have access to a car.


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  1. Although not technically Lebanese, Kaza Maza and Damas might satisfy those cravings. The owner is Lebanese, and my Lebanese friend loves it. She says the Syrian cuisine is very similar (though with some differences). I have eaten only once at Kaza Maza, and have only good things to say about it. It's somewhat of a board favourite as well. Both are on Parc, easily accessible by the 80 bus.

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      this lebanese resto is close, a little further on parc than above restos but not sure if it still in operation, has been there for ages and it seems prices increased so may not be of interest to students...

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        Aux Lilas is still in operation and still serves excellent food!

    2. Maybe the butcher shop Abu Elias? they serve yummy grill meat.

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        thanks guys! I'll be sure to try some of these out.

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          Its not closer to Cote-Vertu station, but if you have a 2-3 hour break, its worth the trip.

      2. If you're a student at Mcgill you really need to know about Akli. It is a small place in the basement of the Scotiabank building run by two very nice lebanese brothers. If you go see them and tell them that you miss your grandmother's food they will point out the items in their menu that will make you happy. Ask for the daily special schedule, you are sure to find things to please you. Did I mention that their mother is an amazing cook and she makes some of their lovely food? They are only open for lunch and you should go early (11-12:30) because they are pretty popular and tend to run out of some items.

        1. daou restaurant.
          Been going since I was a kid.
          Just dont fill up on pita first, it never stops coming.