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Dec 8, 2010 08:10 AM


I would like to buy a whetstone for knife sharpening but the two stores I've asked at so far had it priced at over $100.00. Is there anywhere I might find a whetstone at a more reasonable price? I'm looking for something fairly straightforward with a rougher surface on one side and a slightly finer surface on the other. Downtown preferably as I don't own a car but can take the TTC anywhere if necessary. TIA.

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    1. Good Egg in Kensington carries them, not sure how much though.

      Good Egg
      267 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

      1. Not sure how much they are, but Knife has some.

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        1. re: jlunar

          i think it's still going, but knife may also have a 10% off sale on all products.

          the thing is, the stones there are likely close to $100 still but if you talk to him about the two sided stones, you may also be convinced that it is not the best for your stones lifespan to have them glued together.

        2. There are several reasonably priced waterstones at CCK (a shop at the north end of Pacific Mall.)
          I have a two sided stone and a very fine finishing stone, which I use rather than a steel. I think they were $28 and $30 apiece.
          Is waterstone a modern description of the older word, whetstone?

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            Hey, have you ever gotten to use that stone you bought from CCK? The one Paul and I were not sure if it is a waterstone. How did it turn out?

            Whetstone is more general. Whet-stone, literally, means Sharpening-stone. Whetstone includes waterstones, oil stones, diamond plates, ... etc. :)



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              Yes, it is the $28 two sided stone in my above post. I keep it constantly soaking in water and use it on the CCK's twice a week, starting with the rough side, continuing on the smoother side, and finishing on the utra fine other stone, about two or three minutes. The CCK Japanese knives get a similar treatment, and even my old Sabatier 10" chef's knife, which takes more time and only gets heavy duty use. I would guess that the CCK two sided waterstone is similar to the Norton 220x/1000x.

          2. If you just want a cheap whetstone, you can get one for like $2-3, but those are probably not what you are looking for, right?

            For waterstones, I say you will have to pay about at least $20-30 for a 1000 grit waterstone.

            What kind of whetstones, are you looking for? Oil stone, water stone, diamond stone....?