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Dec 8, 2010 08:08 AM

Casual Dinner Tonight-Walking Distance to Friendship Heights Metro

I have a meeting today near the Friendship Heights Metro stop. My boyfriend and I want to grab a casual dinner before we head home to Arlington. Looking to spend no more then ~$50. We are open to cuisine but sushi and mex are on the top of our list. Thanks CH!!

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  1. Friendship Heights has a Sushi-Ko, though that might be hard to keep under $50. They used to have a happy hour. If they still do, that should help keep you below $50. I also love Lia's, Chef Geoff's Italian spot. Also peek into the bar to see if they have happy hour (used to be $5 burgers on Wednesdays, and they are really good burgers). Last, Indique Heights has some pretty great Indian. It's actually ABOVE the Metro. Take the escalators up.

    Chef Geoff's
    3201 New Mexico Avenue, Washington, DC 20016

    2309 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20007

    1. Second on Sushi-ko, there are plenty of inexpensive other small plates to order with your sushi. Plus it's chilly! Get some miso soup! *shivers and daydreams of miso*

      1. Lia's. I love it - sit at the bar, take advantage of the happy hour deal(s). It's great.
        Also, Mei Wah is really good. I used to live around the corner and truly miss that location of it. The service is excellent and I've never had a bad meal there (for American Chinese, I know).

        So my first choice would be Lia's. My second choice Mei Wah. That outlet of Mei Wah also does have sushi (but I don't eat fish, so I couldn't say how good it is...but there's always people ordering it whenever we're there)

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          Yes, Mei Wah. If you want to do really casual Whole Foods has sushi and an eat-in area. :)

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            I really miss that Mei Wah - the one on NH ave is no where near as good. Even take out at the FH location is exceptional - when I was working two jobs, I used to get it every saturday night on my way home from my second job and they knew exactly what I wanted and that I was tired from a day of hard work. The hot and sour soup was so comforting....sigh....(but at least I don't have to work two jobs anymore!).

            1. re: Jeserf

              Their steamed veggie dumplings are the best.