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Dec 8, 2010 07:22 AM

Sansei Restaurant Favorite Menu items

We are going to be near the Waikoloa Beach resort location in a few days.......
Wondering what are some of the favorite items from the menu.... perhaps something you order every visit...etc.Not to be missed dishes?

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  1. I frequent the Kapalua location and am fond of hamachi collar, caterpillar roll, sea urchin and apple tart. YMMV

    1. We just got back from Big Island and we also stayed at Sansei our favorite dishes were the Ahi tuna panko roll, which is one of their signature dishes. I loved that it was wrapped in arugula, with no rice and the soy butter sauce is quite good too. Also great was the Shrimp cake (kinda like a fried crab cake, but with shrimp). the sauce it comes in is absolutely delicious. I had the waitress leave the plate behind even though we finished the cake because I wanted to dip everything into that sauce.
      We tried other things as well, including some sushi sashimi dishes and another fried app, but IMO, those two were the standouts.
      Have a great time!
      BTW, we went on a Monday and took part in the 50% off special from 5-6pm. We had to get in line by 4:30 in order to get seated by then but it was definitely worth the 50% off.

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        Thank-you both for your suggestions . All sound terrific. We will have to try those shrimp cakes for sure....and sauce....
        I make a Nigella Lawson recipe for Shrimp fritters here at home that is irresistible.
        Click on the "Features Tab then...
        Scroll to page bottom for recipe. You could also add some red pepper flakes if you like it kicked up a notch.
        Thanks for the tip about the 50% early bird (Can't beat that) I remember reading something about the discount but had forgotten the details.

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          We were in Waikiki in September and dined at Sansei and we really enjoyed the Ahi tuna panko roll too.
          Found that their sushi is good quality and we always have a good time.
          Been to the Maui location many times up at Kapalua and the 50% off is worth the wait..isn't it 25% off before 6pm on the other days?

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            When we were there, not every item was half-off e.g., the omakazi menu.

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              I believe the Waikoloa one is 50% off on Sunday and Mondays only and 25% off on other days during specific times. The Maui ones I believe only do the 25% off. Either way, any discount is sweet!

              BTW, on Maui, Sansei is usually super crowded, but if you really like the Panko-crusted Ahi roll, you can go to Cane and Taro in the Whaler's Village mall. It's by the same owner, DK Kodama, and they serve that roll there too. I had it for lunch one day, and it was just as good as the other Sanseis! I don't know about the other food items though as that was all I tried there.

          2. They have a jerk chicken that I really enjoy. I don't ever recall having anything that was bad. We've always had good luck with Sansei.

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              We made the special early dinner in Waikoloa and enjoyed the triple sashimi platter, white tuna, butterfish with miso butter sauce, and the aforementioned panko- crusted ahi. We thought it was better than many of our NYC Japanese restaurants, including Nobu!