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Bon Chon has returned to Boston!

Like a spicy, deep-fried phoenix, Bon Chon has returned to Boston. Here are the details as best I could glean them from going there yesterday:

Address: 123 Brighton St. in Allston, where Toki Shabu Shabu used to be.
Phone: 617-254-8888
Web: http://bonchonallston.com/ , though last I checked it isn't fully functional yet.
Hours: 11:45am-12am... I didn't check to make sure it was every day.

These are the same guys as Privus, and are still trying to open Bull (slowed down by licensing but still coming). They still deliver. The chicken is still the best in 100 miles.

Last night I heard a rumor they were open and stopped by. Apparently it was a soft open, and they were only serving Bon Chon Chicken and beer. From what I could remember (Though honestly, what else could one want?) The sushi starts today.

This place seems to my eye to be Privus minus the skeezy bar part. Mostly the same staff too. I couldn't tell if the name is now just "Bon Chon" or what, but they still have some Toki signs up.

I think they were a bit surprised at how fast the word got out -- a few starting pains but otherwise good. Bottom line: Bon Chon is back!!

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  1. Awesome news! I'll need to get my butt down there asap to get some.

    1. Minor note - that's Brighton Ave, not Brighton St.

      1. This is truly good news!

          1. The wife and I stopped by tonight at about 6 and the place was hopping. We got the last two seats at the sushi bar, had some very nice sushi, and some hot and spicy Bon Chon wings. They're back and just like you remember them! I did notice that in addition to the wings and drumsticks that Privus offered, they also had chicken strips. Didn't try those, but I might have to for comparison sometime.