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Dec 8, 2010 06:47 AM

ISO Burbs Dessert Spots!!

ISO excellent dessert spots in the burbs, preferrably easily accessible to 476. Any places in Philadelphia excluded. Something in the likes of the Charcoal Pit's sundae menu ( down in Delaware. Does not have to be only sundaes/ice cream, just somewhere excellent for a sit down dessert and coffee.

We tried Ray's in E. Norriton, and nothing in comparison to Charcoal Pit. Please advise, thanks!

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  1. Zake's Cakes in Ft. Washington would be my first thought. On Bethlehem Pike one turnpike exit east of Mid-county (476) and all is homemade.

    1. Not exactly close to 476, but Zwahlen's in Audubon is my absolutely favorite ice cream spot (well, frozen custard, technically). They make it fresh several times a day - many times you'll get it served right out of the machine. Because of this, they only have three flavors, though - vanilla, chocolate, and the "flavor of the day", which changes every other. Paired with daily made brownies, apple crisp (my favorite) or made to order waffles or crepes - divine.

      Check out their site, including the flavor of the day calendar, at

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        Yeah, Zwahlen's is something we are looking for. Thanks!!

        Any other places/suggestions are welcomed also.

        1. re: bsims76

          fyi - closed on Sunday, just like their neighbor across Egypt Rd, Chick-fil-A...not a bad thing - love their sweets

          1. re: yummykimmy

            You can also try Jake's Frozen Custard in Paoli. They opened a few months ago. The owner makes all her own custard. Yum!!

            1. re: Itsreal

              As an update - Jake's Frozen Custard has now apparently closed.

              1. re: leepinleemur

                No way went there once for their custard, very expensive and the place looked dead, hard to compete against Whirled Peace the yogurt place, and Rita right down the road

                1. re: 808eater

                  Expensive? Their prices seemed reasonable.

                  Whirled peace 50 cents an ounce seem outrageous to me.

                  I never made it to either one though, but I'm not too surprised Jake's closed, though I expected them to finish the summer at least.

        2. I really like Cafe Maida in Ambler for dessert. They have fantastic gelato, italian cookies, cannoli, misc. frozed imported italian desserts (like the oranges filled with gelato). Good cappucino, espresso, coffee. Very casual cafe vibe.

          Around the corner from maida is Toto's which has the best gelato around, but they do not have that many other dessert options outside of biscotti and cookies.