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Dec 8, 2010 06:27 AM

Tasso in Birmingham, AL

Can anyone give me a heads up on where to find tasso in Birmingham? Right now I'm thinking of checking out Whole Foods, Fresh Market, V Richards, or Cajun Cleaver. Also looking for good andouille as well. Thanks!!

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  1. The first place I called was Cajun Cleaver. Nick was extremely nice on the phone and very apologetic that they were currently sold out of tasso. However, he is going to make some and have it ready for me on Friday. Very friendly on the phone, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they carry, as Mr. P's is (to me) lacking in a lot of cuts that I would like to get.

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      Johnnystiletto, let me know what you think of the items you get at Cajun Cleaver. I really wanted to like the place but thus far have been disappointed by what we've gotten there - I'm thinking mostly of a stuffed chicken we had that was absolutely devoid of flavor.

      Judging him against my favorite place for stuffed chickens, turduckens, boudin and boudin balls, pistolettes (which I don't think Cajun Cleaver does) - Rabideaux's in Iowa, Louisiana - is probably not fair, but still...

      If you find something at Cajun Cleaver you really like, let me know and I'll try it again. Thanks!

      BTW, there's another meat market in town run by a guy from Louisiana. It was mentioned here on CH a couple or three years ago and we went, it was pretty good. I was impressed he even carried Camellia dried beans. I'll have to see if I can figure out what the name of the place was and if he's still open.

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        Speaking of Boudin Balls, did you see that Veranda will have them on their bar menu?

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          ...YES... Might see if I can get my husband or a friend to go with me and try every one of those appetizers. Tom Robey is #1 in my book.

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          DFK, I hadn't heard anything (good or bad) about Cajun Cleaver, so I will be sure to keep you posted. Luckily, CC is very close to the house, and so far the customer service (even if only over the phone) is enough to make me cautiously optimistic.

          I really wish we had more butcher shop options here. I have been meaning to go to the NY Butcher Shoppe as I spend a lot of time in Cahaba Heights, but just haven't had the chance yet.

      2. I would not be surprised to find tasso as V. Richard's as they have multiple cured ham products from various countries (proscuitto, jamon, etc.) so why not tasso? And they have pretty tasty house-made andouille too. I typically use some for my crawfish boils.

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          Dax, I considered V Richards, but wanted to find another option first for several reasons. One, V Richards is a pretty far drive for me from here in Hoover. Two, I am still quite aggravated with V Richards after the extreme rudeness and snotty attitude received from them during my quest for fatback and leaf lard. I'd rather not do any business with them unless absolutely necessary.

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            I live in Forest Park (and lived literally across the street from them in a rental for 1.5 years before buying) so I go to V. Richard's more than anywhere else (for certain items). Out of the 100+ times I've been there, no one has been rude to me in the slightest. One time, when I said the Dietz and Watson roast beef looked a little well done, the guy at the meat counter said they are all cooked to the same temp and he could not help that it was not rare. That may be so but I know rare roast beef when I see it (typically the only way I buy it). That irked me (so I didn't buy it) but otherwise no issues with rudeness. I have had less than stellar prepped food at the cafe and noticed the prices rang up higher than advertised once (but they were quick to correct). I think their customer service is pretty good. I don't shop there for regular items, mostly just higher end meat, seafood and breads.

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              I dealt with 2 different people in the meat department over the phone, and unfortunately both were extremely condescending and not at all helpful. It was a shame since I used to live in the Highland area and shopped there frequently and never had a single complaint. Perhaps I just caught them on a bad day?

              Either way, the drive alone puts V Richards out as an option.

        2. I know the New York Butcher Shoppe carries Tasso as well as they smoke their own andouille. I've tried the hot andouille in some gumbo and was pleased. I've seen mild andouille there, also as well as Italian sausages and brats. Try them out. They are some good people.