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Dec 8, 2010 06:17 AM

ISO Ground Turkey

I am in search of ground turkey. Downtown grocery chains don't seem to carry it (or so has been my experience thus far). I am willing to venture out of the downtown core.

I've heard costco carries it, but never saw it at the Bridge warehouse. Loblaws should carry it as well, as they do in Ontario. But before booking a communauto and driving all the way there, I'd like to know I won't be disappointed.

Anybody know where I can find ground turkey (both white/dark meat)?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. The Bridge street location of Costco definitely has it - I just used up the last pack I'd bought a few weeks ago earlier this week. I don't recall seeing any dark meat though, just ground white.

    I've also seen it in some metro stores, but not all the time.


    1. Loblaws in VSL has carried ground white meat; you can access via duCollege Metro (you'll be taking a little walk) after confirming availability with them.

      1. In general I find that Maxi, Super C, and IGA always have it....mostly I don't do groceries downtown or shop at Loblaws, so I don't know about that. But you can find it closer than Ontario - maybe try the Super C near Atwater Market, or on Upper Lachine near the Rose Bowl, or any Maxi/Super C/IGA in LaSalle.
        FWIW, my least favorite is the Exeldor brand. Not necessarily a bad company, but I find it has an overly strong, particular odor when cooking (if the store only has Exeldor, I won't buy).
        Butterball is somewhat better, but sometimes hit and miss.
        Prime (by Maple Leaf) is one of our favorites along with Maxi's Blue Menu.

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          Prince Noir at JTM carries ground turkey.

        2. Thank you all. Visted both Costco and loblaws tonight. I bought a package from loblaws. Blue menu.
          I think next time I will buy a drumstick or two and run them through my meat grinder.

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          1. re: foodie_mtl

            If you're ever south of the border (Champlain, or Plattsburgh), look for Shady Brook Farms. They have a nice 85/15 (lean/fat) ground turkey, but they also have a 93/7 ground "Breast of Turkey" which is as beautiful as is lean.

          2. Does anyone know whether Fernando on Roy sells ground poultry? They do make poultry sausages (turkey, chicken and duck) and their poultry is excellent.

            Les Volailles et gibiers Fernando
            106, rue Roy E.
            Montréal, QC H2W 1L9
            (514) 843-6652

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            1. re: lagatta

              I've never seen ground poultry there, although I wonder if they would be willing to grind anything you bought.

              1. re: picklebird

                That's one idea. Another is to use the sausage meat after removing it from the casings. I do that often when I make turkey chili or something as the flavourings are often quite nice anyway, and the sausages at Fernando are pretty inexpensive.