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Dec 8, 2010 04:46 AM

Porchetta + Co

Has Porchetta + Co opened yet on Dundas West?

If yes. . . any reviews?

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  1. It wasn't open on the weekend.

    1. Chef db says the owner came from Far Niente. I didn't see porchetta on Far Niente's menu online. The porchetta at Porchetta in NYC doesn't taste like any of the porchettas I ate in Italy, but it's still rich and tasty. I wonder if this place will be similar.

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      1. They just tweeted that they'll open this Monday (Dec 20). Can't wait.

        Heard they did a friends and family preview. Anyone who was there care to share any details?

        1. Went tonight for a quick dinner. A really solid sandwich.

          $5.95 for a straight up porchetta on a nice Italian/Portugese roll w a drizzle of olive oil. Extras (mozzarella, shaved reggiano, tomato sauce, truffle sauce, rapini, mushrooms) are all extra, usually around $0.75-$0.95 each. Mustard on request.

          They had a split pea and ham hock soup which looked really good but didn't try.

          He uses pork belly , proscuitto, and pork shoulder in his porchetta. Looked amazing under the warmers! I decided to add on rapini, mushrooms, reggiano. Came to just under $10. He made sure to have a bit of crackling and meat on each sandwich. Good man. The crispy skin went a long way :)

          Similar price/value to Black Camel in my opinion. Great quality ingredients prepared really well, modest size, really tasty. The add-ons were great but perhaps a bit overpriced. I realize they gotta make money from a sandwich somehow, and $5.95 for a killer (plain) sandwich is good value.

          Go and support these guys if you're around Dundas W, I'm assuming opening mid-December is not so hot for your first month of revenue !

          Black Camel
          4 Crescent Rd, Toronto, ON M4W1S9, CA

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          1. re: miketoronto

            Thanks for the quick review. My mouth is watering. Will have to get there in the next few days.

            Do they have seating?

            1. re: num nums

              I remember about half a dozen or so stools, mostly takeout.

              1. re: miketoronto

                Sounds just like the Porchetta in NYC. All stools, no tables. Did they have crispy potatoes w/ burnt ends?

                1. re: GoodGravy

                  Yeah, very similar to the NYC Porchetta. Very limited menu, small, tastiness.

            2. re: miketoronto

              Very excited to try it too. Curious to see how it compares to the way the Italian population up North do it up. Its all about Porchetta (or Porketta if you will) Bingo.

              1. re: miketoronto

                It's my first post on CH but I've been a long time lurker. I thought it was time I shared my experience with CH'ers esp on a new place that people will want feedback on.

                I live pretty close to Porchetta and Co, and have been waiting for opening day. Am I glad I went for a visit last night! It's a small storefront with a menu focused on their house-made porchetta. I had the sandwich, and it was recommended by the owner that I have it plain on first try, with no add-ons to really get a taste of the meat. The nice Portuguese style bun was drizzled with lots of olive oil. They said that the sandwiches are 4 oz of meat - and as miketoronto mentioned above, they made sure they gave a mix of meat and crackling. 4 oz did not sound very substantial (they actually pre-weigh the bun, and then add on the meat), but it was a sufficiently filling, and delicious, sandwich. The meat was moist, and the odd bite with crackling made it all that much better. The taste was smoky, just the right amount of salt, and a mix of textures. It was well worth the $5.95.

                I recently had the porchetta (on a piadina) at Libretto, and I'm a fan of Chinese-style roast pig. In comparison, the porchetta in the sandwich I had last night was a less salty (a good thing!) and way more moist.

                When I was there, they offered hot sauce, and two types of mustards that you can add to your sandwich yourself (the bottles/jars were available on a side counter). I left mine plain but my SO added grainy mustard to his. There are a few stools for you to eat in, but it looks to be mostly take-out.

                Further to the sandwich, they offer a Prochetta platter, with meat and veggies. I think that'll be my next try. This area on Dundas is evolving, and I'm excited that there are lots of quality food choices opening up. I hope my mini review of Porchetta and Co will inspire other CH'ers to give it a try!

                Also, to wrap up my first post, I want to thank all CH'ers for the many helpful comments that I've relied on. I'm going to make a resolution to put up more posts in 2011!

                1. re: Steady

                  Thanks for the review. Do they open for lunch?

                  1. re: htw

                    11am -9pm Monday - Saturday; Sunday 10am - 3pm.

                    1. re: Steady

                      FYI - based on their web site they're open at these times:
                      HOURS: TUE-SAT 11AM-9PM -- SUN 11AM-4PM

              2. Looking forward to trying this place. Where is it exactly?

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