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Best Whole Bean Coffee available in supermarkets?

I can't always make it to Balzac's or Roasters in Toronto and I'd love to hear your suggestions for a really good coffee available in the supermarket.

So far Kicking Horse Three Sisters blend seems to be the best I've found.

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  1. Actually Balzacs will deliver. They have an online website to buy and the coffee is fresh roasted and mailed. We were very impressed. Worth the cost of mail for us as we live north of the city, love their espresso beans and wont drive all the way to The Distillery just to get the beans.

    Having said that the Kicking Horse has been great (be sure to check the dates though on the package) and if you can find it (Pusateris sells it) Muskoka Roastery is available in a couple of places.

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      Agree Kicking Horse is good. Moonbeam Coffee also seems to distribute to some speciality shops, such as Cabbagtown butcher.

    2. I really enjoy Kicking Horse coffee, too; I love their HoodooJo blend.

      1. I really enjoy Illy coffee. Around 14.99 per can from Longos. Costco used to have it for 12.99 but haven't seen it for a while.

        1. I'd go with Kicking Horse's Kick Ass. Great flavour. You can also buy it at Tango Palace on Queen Street. Sometimes goes on sale at Shopper's.

          Tango Palace
          1156 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1L2, CA

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            I second Kick Ass,
            It is the best we have found that is easy access.
            It is widely available.
            If you want 3 sisters you can buy it at any large Shoppers Drug Mart
            They no longer stock Kick Ass

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              Agreed, great flavour in a dark roast. I enjoy all offerings with the exception of the 454 Horsepower which was too acidic for me day after day (the flavour was still great though)

          2. If you prefer fair trade coffee, Kicking Horse is the way to go, but flavour wise I don't think its any better than the big bags of PC beans at 1/2 the price.

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              If you consider Whole Foods a supermarket, I have to say their in-store roasted beans are amazing. I always go for the dark French roast.

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                  I've bought west coast dark PC brand...is this what you guys buy?

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                    For me the PC bean is comparable to the Eight o'clock brand sold at Dominion/Food Basics.

              1. Costco has my favourite coffee: Zavida Coffee called, 'Organica'. It's organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified.The description is "rich, full-bodied coffee with a hint of sweetness and a nice, clean finish". If you're interested, it's, "primarily shade-grown Arabica beans, grown on sustainable farms in Central and South America". The price is great, about $13 50 for 2 lbs. It also goes on special for a couple of bucks off periodically.

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                  Is this a dark espresso roast? how does it compare to the Kirkland Espresso roast? Might try it as I need some coffee soon.

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                    I now roast my own beans, but have been using Costco's Organica as a back up for quite some time now. I think it's one of the best there and I like the fact it's organic and RAC certified.

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                      I second that. I started roasting my own bean 1.5 years ago. Its actually quite easy - after the initial cash outlay on the roaster ;), but it beats all the beans I had bought before hands down. And in my (and my wife's) opinion, beats Second Cup, Starbucks, etc.

                      1. re: 1moreround

                        I home roast as well and would never go back. There are cost savings, as really good beans can be bought green for $5/lb , and they will last at least a year before roasting, so I can have several types available, and can use several roasting profiles.
                        I used to order highly rated green beans from the U.S., but now I find I can get good results and selection from www.greenbeanery.ca

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                      That's great to know Yongeman, thank-you. I'll definitely pick some up on our next trip to Costco.

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                        I rate the Organica as "so-so." The Zavida straight Columbian beans seem to vary considerably in flavor from good to foul. The last bag I bought was awful. Happily drank it for years but don't dig the swings in quality. Costco seems hooked on dark roasts--even the "medium" rated coffees are sometimes a bit much.

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                          I haven't really noticed much variation in flavour, but you never know. There's a 'best before' date printed on the bottom of the bag, but it's usually about a year away....even though it's vacuum sealed, I wouldn't want to wait that long to use it.

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                            I loved their coffee but didn't love the decidedly funky taste of the last bag of Columbian beans. Will wait and try 'em again.

                      2. If anyone is looking for a good Decaf, the Kirkland brand Decaf from Costco is a very good decaf coffee.