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BAAAAA HUMBUG! - Where to get best deals on Lamb for Xmas Dinner

I can't find lamb anymore, it seems. Has anyone noticed that the major chain grocers have added some nice new products in recent years, at the cost of some things that used to be "standards", like lamb??

I live in Arlington. I hope you can suggest where to get ANY interesting cut of lamb at a reasonable price, now or throughout the year. I just haven't seen it recently - and maybe I'm limiting myself, but I refuse to pay Whole Foods prices ever. I can live with leg of lamb, but I'd rather have shanks or something else a bit less ordinary.

My wife suggests that I either "bite the bullet", pay the money and request what I want from the butcher on Mount Vernon Avenue in Alexandria. Or else, she says, see what I can find from a good ethnic market. These sound like good ideas to me, but I'd like your ideas. And I've never been to that butcher before, and I don't usually look for meat at the ethnic markets, so I'm clueless all around.

Ideas, please?

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  1. Check with Lebanese Butcher. They've re-opened after the fire, right around the corner on Hillwood Avenue across from the shopping center with the Halal Market.

    Last Christmas or maybe the year before I got a lamb roast at Trader Joe's. Haven't noticed if they have it this year.

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      Lebanese Butcher. Why go anywhere else?

      Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
      109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

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        Except that they're no longer at the address that pops up when you type their name any more. They're around the corner on Hillwood Avenue. I suppose that when someone takes the trouble to notice the address the automatic link can be corrected.

    2. Look for halal butcher. And here is a chain from last year

      1. Maybe try one of the Halal grocery stores on Columbia Pike. I know there's one across the street from the Goodwill. There's also a Middle Eastern grocer near the Giant on Columbia Pike, further down in the direction of Pentagon City.

        The butcher on Mount Vernon Ave in Alexandria isn't too far a drive from anywhere in Arlington. I would say 15-20 minutes. The whole Del Ray section around Mount Vernon Ave is pretty main street bohemian rich, so I wouldn't doubt the quality of their meats or service at all.

          1. The Amish Market in Germantown always has lamb. Boneless leg runs $6.99/lb, I think.

            1. As others have noted, Halal butchers will probably have it relatively cheap; Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church definitely did a few years ago. Also, IIRC Costco tends to have lamb.

              Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
              109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

              1. I can also support the Lebanese butcher. For rack of lamb or a boneless leg of lamb, you cannot beat Costco for price and quality. They are always in stock and I have been buying lamb there for years. It is the BEST.

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                  Costco's leg of lamb is the best price I have found and good quality.

                2. I just saw lamb shanks at my local Safeway yesterday morning. I can also vouch for the butcher on Del Ray Ave -- excellent quality.