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Dec 7, 2010 10:44 PM

Farm Shop?

Any one been yet?

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  1. @ brentwood? Is it open?


    I did a quick search and it looks like it's had a soft opening. I'm not clear on if anything besides the bakery is yet open. I'll try and make it over there for lunch today.

    1. Just got back, they aren't open for full service yet and just were selling some bakery items and tartines. I had a speck, roasted squash and artichoke tartine. It was very good, but not that substantial. I'll try them again once they start full service.

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        Wandered in today. I was told by a server that breakfast is now being served daily (I believe from 7:30AM). Brunch will start this weekend. The space is warm and inviting. There were a few tartines available, along with some pastries. Everything looked and smelled good. Seems to be a nice fit for the Country Mart. We'll see.

      2. Breakfast and Brunch menu and photos at this link. Looks good (especially the
        Pastrami & Eggs with Poached eggs, pickled cauliflower, fried potatoes & rye toast - $16.50) but a little pricy.

        1. Yup, went for lunch on Fri, ordered goat cheese veggie tartine & chocolate hazelnut danish.

          The goat cheese tartine was very good - not your typical cafe good, but high end restaurant good. Every veggie used (carrots, radish etc), were selected, prepared and presented with utmost attention and every bite was perfect. Goat cheese provided a great creamy base without overpowering the veggies. Kept thinking if vegetarian food is like that maybe I wouldn't mind being a vegetarian. Can see a shade of French Laundry right there.

          Well, the price tag matched too..2 items with a sode set me back at nearly $20, and both tartine and danish were tiny. I mean, everything was really, really good, but not somewhere I can go on a regular basis.

          1. Yes. Went there for lunch and ordered Prime Rib Sandwich, Warm Crab Salad, Bread Pudding, two freshly squeezed juices (delicious), a coffee......and that set us back $80. Price is steep but service is excellent. I really like the space. May go back to try pastries.