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Dec 7, 2010 09:50 PM

Antigua, GT: Kaffee Fernando's – A nice Guatemalan breakfast and the world’s best mocha

I like the espresso drinks here a lot. There are pastries and a brief menu with items such as sandwiches and salads. Add a pretty garden, letting you hang out and work on your pc for as long as you like and a cool house cat … it is the perfect spot to roost for a while.

The breakfast is the best deal I’ve had anywhere for a typical Guatemalan version and one of the best in terms of quality. I didn’t try the empanadas, but another table ordered them and they are huge and served with a nice green salad.

Fernando roasts his own beans and produces some seriously good coffee. Check the website for what is currently available.

There’s a room with some items for sale such as coffee beans, beer, candy and other items. Fernando seems to support local artists and crafts people. There are paintings for sale on the wall. On one visit there was a woman weaving cloth on the patio.

Here's what I had on a few visits rated from A+ to F -

A …... Mocha
B + … Guatemalan typical breakfast with toast
B + … Cafe latte
B …... Cappuccino
B …... Dripped coffee with milk

Service: B - … Very good
Ambiance: B + … Very, very good
Price: $

My first visit in August

PS: From that initial post … don’t miss the “wonderful chocolate covered karob beans. The karob bean is hand-peeled and roasted. I took a nibble of the sample and Fernando said no ... pop the whole thing in your mouth and bite down. It was an explosion of crumbly, roasted bitter sweet magnificence.”

Restaurant record with more info such as address, phone, hours and menu

Flickr photostream with more pictures

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    MOCHA: A … Exceptional

    The mocha is unsweetened and uses chopped bittersweet Guatemalan chocolate so there are some bits that melt on your tongue. It is the perfect pairing the deep rich espresso. So far this is the drink I like best here.

    On my first visit I only had a sip and the family doused it in sugar, so I didn’t get a feel for how truly excellent the drink is.


    This is the best deal in town, maybe in Guatemala. It is the best typical breakfast I’ve tried to date. These were quality ingredients – eggs, beans, plantanos, toast.

    There’s a choice toast or tortillas. I haven’t tried the tortillas but the yeasty artisan toast is wonderful. There is a lovely texture and crumb to it. The plananos were nicely done and not greasy. All around it was a very good breakfast at an excellent price.

    The no frills version with toast or tortillas shown in the photo is $2. To get a more typical breakfast take the option of adding onion and tomatoes. Get a side order of crema (sour cream) to drizzle on the plantains and beans. That will up the price to 23 quetzales or just under $2.90. This really is an extraordinary value for both the setting and the quality.

    CAFE LATTE: B + … Very, very good

    The latte is so good because whatever milk Fernado’s uses is exquisite

    While the espresso is excellent, the milk pushes these drinks into a higher category. It is the sweetest, most wonderful milk. For a latte that means only great things. A plus is that the coffee flavor still shines and doesn’t get lost in the milk.

    CAPPUCCINO: B … Above average

    There is a frothy, light foam using the wonderful milk. The espresso itself is flavorful and strong. The only downgrade has nothing to do with flavor. Every photo on the web I see of Fernando’s cappuccino has espresso art. I haven’t had that on any visit. It doesn’t really matter though … but still.

    Dripped coffee with milk: B … Above average

    There’s truth in advertising. The menu says up front this is a mild brew and I like strong roasts. Still there was some background spice in the flavor. Fernando’s offers the dripped coffee with a shot of espresso added and I’m going to give that a try next time.

    SERVICE: B - … Very good

    They are pleasant people. Except for Fernando, no one really speaks English. Menus, coffee and check are delivered in a timely manner.

    AMBIANCE: B + … Very, very good

    It is a pretty patio and there are enough outlets to work on your pc. No one says anything if you spend time there.


    Fernando’s is as cool as his cat which is neat, attractive and personable. The cat leaves you to yourself, but is there if you want its attention. I like the cat. I like Fernando’s.

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      We stayed at a hotel near there, and had coffee a few times there - I agree it's a lovely place and the coffee is wonderful.