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Dec 7, 2010 08:01 PM

Mia's Tex Mex, Abuelos or something different for dinner in Dallas (near Galleria)?

I'm in the Big D for one night and am looking for dinner ideas. Nothing over the top, but just good food (Mex or trendy are initial thoughts as I'm from northern california - bad Mexican). I've eaten in Dallas alot and here are some experiences to help with ideas:

Mia's Tex Mex - Nachos Loco and Brisket Tacos....can't get enough of these things even if they have gone "upscale" and actually painted the interior.

Javier's - like it but frankly prefer Mia's

Samar (a little off the Mex routine) - thought it was really good and hip, just tried a little too hard (like original Stephan Pyle's better but don't want something that drawn out).

Anything new we should try? I've heard Abuelos and Luna de Noche are good but help me out. Thanks

Stephan Pyles
1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

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  1. You should try Chuy's it is fantastic Tex-Mex with a New Mexican twist. Cheap & fun Bar. There is a new one right off the tollway in Plano and the th old one on Knox Hendersom

    3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

    1. Not a great fan of Chuy's. IMHO, terrible food and service.
      Excellent Tex-Mex can be had at Casa Milagro on Cambell Road at North Plano Road in Richardson. Very comfortable ambiance with delicious food, wonderful drinks and, excellent service.

      Casa Milagro
      1403 E Campbell Rd Ste 110, Richardson, TX 75081

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        I must concur whole heartedly with twinwillow on this one.

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          Gloria's at Beltline and the Tollway is favorite of mine, I love their margaritas.

        2. Abuelo's is just a mediocre chain with nothing particularly good to offer imo.

          I like Nuevo Leon in Farmer's Branch personally, not very fancy though. Casa Milagro may be a little more your speed.

          Casa Milagro
          1403 E Campbell Rd Ste 110, Richardson, TX 75081