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Dec 7, 2010 07:17 PM

Boiled peanuts

Does anyone know where to buy boiled peanuts (in a can) in Philadelphia? We love this southern specialty but cant find them anywhere!

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  1. I have seen them in a bag at Wegman's.

    1. In Philly, no, but I've bougth Whitley's through their website and they're "ok" I guess. To me nothing's as good as stopping on a roadside in Central Florida with a big black cauldron of peanuts cooking out in the open over a wood fire... (that's my hot 'boll'd p-nut' memory)

      here's the "Cajun" variety

      here's the Whitley's site

      (I'll be watching closely to see if anybody around here sells them "fresh")

      1. When I head down to Florida (usually every 2 months), I stop at the farm market in Marathon and pick up the cajun Hawk's boiled peanuts. Delicious! They can also be ordered online. They are in the shell.

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          I wonder if that's the brand that bluehensfan noted in Wegmans (sorry Blue, I didn't notice that you had mentioned wegmans when I posted my "no" my face is red!)

          We'd stop at every farm stand we could find... I think my parents got a deal flying into Tampa and then we'd rent a car and drive across the state to Stuart, FL... twice a year, we'd scarf soo many peanuts, and then we'd be SOOO thirsty! LOL
          Love them! I may have to get one of those industrial sized cans for me and my sisters to share, just like the old days

          1. re: cgarner

            I love popping open the hot peanut shells and sucking out the peanuts. Cajun juice running down my arms. It is always the first order of business when I get down there. My dad lives in the Keys, and there is a little place on the Overseas Highway, right about MM74 that serves then up hot and delicious! They sell the Hawks product. Which I believe come frozen and you cook them up and they are just like getting them in Florida.

            1. re: crazyspice

              Trader Joes usually has boiled peanuts.

              1. re: asmith

                Do you mean blister peanuts or boiled peanuts? I have never seen boiled peanuts (in the can) at TJs.

                1. re: morrissey.brendan

                  Oops! You are right. TJ's has blistered peanuts.

            2. re: cgarner

              Wegman's had some other brand in a foil-like bag. They were pretty nasty by the way so I would not rush out and get them unless you are desperate.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                I never really got the boiled peanuts thing, but I think I may have had some bad ones from a gas & convenience store the one time I tried them. What makes a good boiled peanut? What should it taste like?