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Dec 7, 2010 04:29 PM

Famingdale, NJ Our House Restaurant

Hi, Has anyone gone to Our House Restaurant in Farmingdale? What is your opinion?
Have a happy and healthy

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  1. In the past this was a great stop .Most resently it is about average and a bit over priced .Last time I went to the place, it was empty ..Maybe people are afraid of the ghost

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    1. re: big1515

      Ghost sound intriguing can u tell me more. They are on now.
      Thanks so much for your reply.
      Have a happy and healthy,

      1. re: fishfroggy

        there are ghost sighing ever so often .AP press had covered the story .

        1. re: big1515

          How long ago did the Press cover it?

          1. re: Barbarella

            some time ago .You my want to email them for the article

    2. I ate there some time ago and it was just ok. I remember the waitress telling us about how the place is haunted. A couple hundred years ago someone was hung in the front yard.