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Dec 7, 2010 02:26 PM

Tipping and Service Charges on Room Service

Anyone else irritated at the excess charges on getting a late night hamburger? At a recent stay at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, the total tab for a couple of burgers and Cokes and a beer came to about $100. In addition to the ridiculous original charge of about 30 bucks for the burger (Yes, I know this is New York and the Waldorf, but come on) there was a "service charge" and a tip added in. Of course, the waiter hangs around for a few more bucks palmed over to him , so what the hell Still, it adds up.

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  1. I ordered in. Even at a fancy hotel. I used to practically live in hotels and got tired of paying crazy money for mediocre food. I was nervous at first and then I stopped caring. I have never tried it overseas. Pizza. Chinese. Or anything your heart desires in NYC. And you get to to that guy all on your own!

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    1. re: Sal Vanilla

      Do you mean you order take-out to be delivered to your hotel room?

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        Yep. Pizza to my door. Last time I did it was at the Marriott. I asked the concierge about it the next morning. She said I was not alone.

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          I've stayed at a number of hotels where they provided me with a folder of takeout menus from local joints that were happy to deliver - generally (though not always) small-town hotels with no kitchen of their own.

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        Me too. I just did it in Toronto, so I guess we can add at least parts of Canada to that list.

      3. Sounds like a common practice that's been covered before.

          1. I stay at the Benjamin Hotel across from the Waldorf quite a bit and I always order from the kids menu and it saves me a ton of $$$..
            Wynn Las Vegas has a $25 burger at room service but on the kids menu its around $7..
            Kids menu is the way to go and they have the good stuff like mac n'cheese, sundaes and tater tots!

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              Of course, they still have a room service charge and mandatory 18% tip at Wynn.