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Dec 7, 2010 01:22 PM

Interstate Barbecue reopens in Southaven after renovation project..........

Interstate Barbecue reopens in Southaven after renovation project

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  1. Littleman, was sorry to see the closing of Yocona. KC's closed this summer, right? Does that mean that the family is concentrating on the restaurant in Memphis?

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      Mr. Joe is not in good heath and Don left to sell insurance. Business declined and their bank foreclosed. Wally is a chef in Memphis at Brooks Art Museum but I think he's trying to find a spot to open his own restaurant. The Wally Joe Restaurant was taken over and it's now Interim. Wally's new restaurant in Memphis is called Acre. It's at 690 S Perkins and consists of a 3,000 SF residence remodeled for 75 diners inside and 20 outside on the patio. Sounds nice.

      You should visit Crawdad's some day. It's a steak joint in Merigold just N of Cleveland that's been remodeled a dozen times. It burned to the ground a few years ago and they really rebuilt a nice place but it's rustic. Recently they converted part of the restaurant to fine dining I guess to take up the slack left when KC's closed. Go to McCarty's before dinner and buy some pottery.

      Crawdad's Restaurant @ 104 Park St., Merigold, MS. 662 - 748 - 2441.
      McCarty's @ 101 Saint Mary Street, Merigold, MS 662 - 748 - 2293.

      1. re: Littleman

        Littleman, I have a *ton* of McCarty pottery that I've bought from Lee and Pup is their nephews that took over? I have not been back to Merigold in a couple of years. I also have some of Peter's Pottery in Mound Bayou.

        I was really behind the times about the Wally Joe restaurant - did not even know it had been taken over, or anything about Acre. Thank you!

        What do you know about the Bourbon Mall? Has it reopened since the fire?

        Bourbon Mall
        105 Dean Rd, Leland, MS 38756

        1. re: deepfriedkudzu

          The Joe Family bought an existing family seafood restaurant in Cleveland about 30 years ago. It was owned by a great chef who retired and sold it to the Joe's. The location was excellent. The restaurant had been there about 20 years or so. They started out as a Chinese restaurant but Wally and Don convinced Mr. Joe to upgrade it to fine dining. It was a big success but they had a devasting fire and decided to rebuild the fancy place that they just closed. It was just too nice for this area and the public did not buy in. Then Wally left to open Wally Joe's in Memphis backed by Viking Range. They had some kind of misunderstanding. It did not work out but KC's missed his expertise. They gradually went down. I like the Joe Family and know them well. I wish Wally the best in Memphis at Acre Restaurant.

          Peter ran McCarty's for ages and he's the reason for their success. Mr. McCarty always told Peter he would leave the place to him but his two nephews came along and took over so Peter moved to Mound Bayou and opened his own place. Have you been there. You get around. I live 5 miles from Merigold.

          I'm not a Bourbon Mall fan. My wife says it's not open. Probably will not reopen. Come visit soon.

          Bourbon Mall
          105 Dean Rd, Leland, MS 38756