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Dec 7, 2010 01:11 PM

New Years Eve in Portland?

Any recommendations on where to go on New Year's Eve in Portland. Looking for fun, not necessarily posh.

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  1. Here's a list of Portland restaurants that are open on New Year's Eve: Bar Lola, BiBo’s, Bresca, Bull Feeney’s, Cinque Terre, David’s, Five Fifty-Five, Figa, Frog & Turtle, Grace, Havana South, Local 188, Old Port Sea Grill, Paciarino, Sonny’s, Sea Glass Restaurant, Season’s Grille, The Grill Room, The Salt Exchange, Vignola and Zackery’s.

    I published this list on my site this morning and will be posting updates there as I learn about them.

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      Here's an updated list: Bar Lola, BiBo's, Bresca, Bull Feeney's, Cinque Terre, David's, DiMillo's, El Rayo, Events on Broadway, Five Fifty-Five, Figa, Fore Street, Frog & Turtle, Grace, Havana South, Local 188, Old Port Sea Grill, Paciarino, Ribollita, Sonny's, Sea Glass Restaurant, Season's Grille, The Farmer's Table, The Grill Room, The Salt Exchange, Vignola, Walter's and Zackery's.

    2. Would be interested to hear where you went. We went to Ribollita's, and had mixed results. Of the three of us, one meal was very good, one was good, and one was terrible. The roasted cod was definitely the best, nicely cooked, tender and fresh with just the right amount of herbs to add some interest. The North End linguine with mussels was also good, but the dish arrived almost cold, and we could not send it back because we had to make a show. The last dish was by far the worst. It was a special - sole in a broth with cheese tortollini. The sole was totally bland, dry (even tho floating in broth) and overcooked. The tortollini was likewise bland and the pasta was very heavy and thick. This meal was barely eaten.
      The antipasto appetizer was fine, the ceasar salad was good, but the dressing was a little heavy and cloying and could have benefitted from more lemon.
      Since the cod was excellent and the prices are so reasonable, we may go again. But I will know what to order!

      41 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

      1. Well, are you going to tell us where you went for NYE or are you going to keep it to yourself ?