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Dec 7, 2010 12:35 PM

Sturdiest French Press Coffee Pot?

I love to make coffee in a french press but lately the pots seem to be getting very fragile. We are breaking one every few months. Which brand is the most durable? I don't mind buying an expensive pot if it will last.

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  1. I've busted 2 Bodums,3 Ikeas, and a Marshalls $9.99 special in the past 12 months and have pretty much given up myself. So I too will be interested in any recommendations.

    1. Bodum makes a stainless steel model. The big plus is that it is double walled and keeps the coffee hotter longer. Bodum also makes replacement beakers in not only glass but in something like Lexan or Acrylic. I guess if you tried real hard you could break one but it would have to be intentional.

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      1. re: Candy

        Ditto to the stainless steel Bodum. Works great, klutz-proof...

        1. re: Candy

          Another thumbs up for the 12 cup stainless steel Bodum. Awesome and indestructable.

          1. re: Strangewine

            yes i have this as well, and a single serve bodum kenya french press, use them both often and so far haen't had a problem.

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              I'll have to remember this for next time! We just replaced our 4th (or 5th) glass french press. The last one we bought online and was supossed to be acrylic, but when we got it is was glass and I didn't feel like returning it. Maybe I should just get the stainless steel one now in anticipation of the current one breaking.

          2. Fiona, what are the circumstances in which your pots are breaking?

            If the cause of the breaking is bumps from outside, the Bodum Eileen was specifically designed to combat that kind of accident. (Bodum made the Eileen in response to requests from coffee shops where the waiters and waitresses carry several French presses at a time like beer steins in Bavaria.) If you are breaking while plunging, then, as Candy notes, there are some polycarbonate models and the Thermos Nissan stainless steel models -- but a better strategy would be to grind the coffee less finely, and plunge more slowly, and then you would end the problem with glass cylinder French presses.

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              Another good strategy is to not use metal to give the coffee a stir before plunging. I find a bamboo chopstick works well. I always use and suggest a coarse grind for French presses when grinding coffee to order for my customers.

            2. I was given a glass Bodum in 1994 and I still use it today. It sits on my kitchen counter still.

              1. Thanks to all - I will investigate which of the Bodums will work better for me. Most of the break come from knocking against something while being washed or put away.

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                1. re: Fiona

                  same with mine except for the Ikeas which just shattered on their own after a week.

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                    Our Bodum is about 15 years old, but has a replacement glass insert. Ours never gets put away because we make coffee with it at least once a day. It gets washed out and put at the back of the counter right next to the electric kettle and the coffee mill.

                    1. re: LovinSpoonful

                      Same here. Think it's the same one my sister gave me when I left for college back in '94.