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Dec 7, 2010 12:28 PM

Have I made a good choice for a stove?

My 20+ year old magic chef gas stove is on its last meal. I have been asking and shopping around with the result that I am about to buy a 30 inch Whirlpool gas stove. It has a convection oven, five burners and is on sale for about $759 (marked down from $909 supposedly). I love to cook and bake and this is about as much as I can afford to spend. Does anyone have any experience that says this is a bad choice for this price range? By the way I picked Whirlpool because, when I thinking about getting my old stove fixed, I asked the technicians for recommendations. They all had 2 favorites but were consistent in all recommending Whirlpool.
Thank you

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  1. To get a five burner at that price I would say yes. You appear to want gas and aren't interested in electric or duel fuels not in your budget, so I'd say you got a good deal. In the end, if the cookers work and it has a decent warranty you are fine.

    You'll be cooking great stuff for the holidays in no time.

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      JohnOort - thank you for your reply. Having someone else agree with my choice gives me confidence. Yes - I am a gas girl. I grew up cooking with gas and one reason I bought this house was the in place gas connection. When I am at my boyfriend's house and using his electric stove I tend to burn things. You are also right - dual fuel is way out of my budget.
      Thanks again for taking the time.

      1. re: JohnOort

        JohnOort - the stove is being delivered today! I am very excited! Yesterday I visited a friend who has moved into a new house and he was lamenting that, for all the gorgeousness of the new house, he had to leave his new gas stove behind and he loved the stove. Turns out it was the same stove I just bought. This seems to be another good sign.
        Thanks again