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Dec 7, 2010 09:33 AM

Dungeness Crab-The Restaurant Version-Prices/Preps

I thought I'd start a thread to cover this season's Dungeness crab as served in restaurants rather than purchased live. There seems to be a thread for roasted crab, but not for other preps.

Two days ago I dropped by Bay Fund Tong in Oakland for lunchtime crab. I got a medium-sized crab, well-filled out, salt and pepper style. It was done perfectly, moist and sweet, and the seasoning didn't overwhelm the delicate flavoring. Best part was the price--$9.99. Most tables seemed to have the lobster special on it--they had large ones for (I think) $10.99 per lb., but smaller ones, with noodles, for only 8-9 dollars total. I came for crab though, and did not leave disappointed.

This place is bare bones, and I've had mixed opinions in the past, but I'd say they are solid with fresh seafood, and prices are generally very fair.

Bay Fung Tong Tea House
1916 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94612

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  1. There are at least two threads already working on where to dine for crab in the SF Bay Area. I will try to post the links.

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      Here is one recent thread, with links to a couple of other ones:

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        Thanks DavidT. Good lesson in remembering that just because something isn't currently on the front page, it doesn't mean it hasn't been covered. In fact I read those threads as they were posted, and just managed to put it out of my mind somehow.

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          I certainly don't want to discourage others from making new posts. Just wanted to make sure you could find some of the helpful suggestions already here.