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Nov 7, 2005 06:36 PM

Sushi Happy Hour in Santa Monica/Brentwood

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Does anyone know of any sushi bars with happy hour specials in the Santa Monica/Brentwood area?

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    the delicious life

    unfortunately, the only restaurants i can think of that have happy hour specials on sushi don't have outstanding sushi. they are AKWA restaurant in santa monica and EN SUSHI in west la (which also does LATE night happy hour on thursday nights). i don't mind en sushi too much simply because they also have a full bar :)


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    1. re: the delicious life

      Another one: Ma'Kai on the corner of Broadway and Ocean. Again, not excellent sushi (although you might actually like it if you're not a purist), but there's a full bar and lots of pretty people.

      1. re: DB

        What time is happy hour over at Ma'Kai?

        1. re: Xericx

          I think that it runs from 4:20 to 7:00 (not kidding!).

          1. re: DB

            Well, these are actually in Venice but they both have really good sushi happy hours:

            Chaya Venice on Main and Navy St.
            Canal Club on Pacific and something

            1. re: PureDiva

              Good sushi happy hour? Clearly an oxymoron - the book Kitchen Confidential has a hilarious take on this