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Dec 7, 2010 09:07 AM

Phila Bagel Co on Wash + Columbus closed? What now?!

My favorite bagels in the city seemed to have disappeared. Anyone know where they went? I noticed about a month ago as I drove by the strip mall on Delaware Ave (yes, I know it's technically "Columbus Blvd") at Washington Ave that the Philadelphia Bagel Company was closed and empty and a big leasing sign was on the storefront. I haven't been up to the door to see if there's any announcement, but I was hoping someone had the scoop.

I'm thinking I'll divert my Mummer's Day brunch order to the place near 3rd and South or perhaps contemplate an order from someone who imports their bagels from the hinterlands. I know that barryg posted that Capogiro imports NYC bagels. Are there other CC places that import or sell their own (non-franchised) bagels?

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  1. Four Wolds Bakery has pretty good bagels. They will deliver your order to various spots around the city. You can try one at Ultimo Coffee.

    Carangi's on Oregon Ave has bagels, they are not bad, but not better than the Hot Bagels on 3rd St I don't think.

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    1. re: barryg

      Thanks! I like Four Worlds breads, having bought them from the Headhouse Square Farmer's Market, but it looks like their Center City drop is Thursdays. That's good to know for the future (until the Market comes back). But for now, I'm hoping to pick up on Friday or Saturday. Last year, Phila Bagel Co was actually open on New Year's Day.

      I may stick with Hot Bagels since they are close.

      1. re: urbanfabric

        Actually, on second thought, I could pick up from the bakery on Friday and also get croissants and challah... this may really work out. Thanks again!

    2. I was pretty sad to see the end of that bagel place as well - they had really good whitefish salad too. There is no info suggesting they just moved so I guess they are gone-gone.
      3rd St just below South has been my fallback, but I understand that Rillings (sp?) bakery in Elkins Park delivers to somewhere near Rittenhouse Square one or two days a week and they are my favorite bagels in the area so I am going to try to get info about that

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      1. re: Bigley9

        I believe it is Max's Produce that gets the Rollings bagels but I don't know any details. Hopefully the new Montreal-style bagel place on 20th opens soon and is good.

        1. re: barryg

          well, Barryg, i usaully agree with you and missed until recently your invite to a chow down, but, have you had canadian bagels? i just recently did and will be surprsed if you like them.....they have a sweetness to them that i guess if it's what you grew up with, you love,but if not,strange. Not at all like NY unless the Montreal is different than the recent Candian bagels i just had.

          1. re: bonappetite

            No, I have not had them. Just hoping they will be good if the shop is quality. I am afraid I might not like them (heard they were sweet) but will still give it a shot.

            The Philly food scene is getting into a habit, maybe, of skipping over trends, like all these gourmet pizza places opening while most of the neighborhood shops still suck, and now Montreal bagels when you can barely find a decent NY-style one...

            Don't remember the invite but I'm always down to chow.

            1. re: barryg

              Well you will have to let me know if you try them!!! Bigley is right, sad that we are around the corner from NY and can't get a good bagel!!

            2. re: bonappetite

              Montreal-style bagels have a little malt in the dough, and are boiled with a bit of honey, accounting for the sweetness. They are not as "bready" as NY bagels, but I expect they will appeal to a population who loves soft pretzels !

              A St-Viateur bagel or six hot out of a wood-fired oven is a treat no one should go through life without experiencing.

              1. re: phillyjazz

                I used to live in Montreal and just loved those bagels. Is there a place that is making that style or are they actually bringing them in from Montreal. Thanks!

                1. re: DaisyM

                  Apparently they are building a Montreal style wood-burning oven. Even a day-old MTL bagel can't compete with one hot out of the oven. The only problem I have found is that if you eat a half-dozen of them still warm (not a difficult feat) , they expand in your stomach!

                  Their website is up !!

                  1. re: phillyjazz

                    Thank you! You've made me very happy.

                    1. re: DaisyM

                      I went to University in MTL. I really miss St-Viateur. Now if we could only get some real poutine and smoked meat, we'd be in business !

            3. re: barryg

              It is Max's around 20th and Lombard on Fridays - I dug through the archives. Thanks!

          2. I love South Street Bagels at 3rd and Bainbridge (also referred to as "Hot Bagels" in this thread). I used to live in that hood, so it was easy to get them fresh. Now I'll make the trek from South Philly every once in a while. They freeze well too.

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            1. re: BelgianBeerMistress

              While I like South Street Bagels, I just got back and found that the bag had only 4 bagels, even though i ordered and paid for 6. Further, this isn't the first time South Street Bagels has shorted me on an order. Very frustrating!

              1. re: Cruz

                Believe it or not, I was shorted again last week. Fortunately, I caught it before I left the store this time. While I like their bagels a lot, this can't be a coincidence. I'm beginning to think that it's their official policy to cheat their customers.

            2. I LOVE the bagels at New York Bagel Bakery
              7555 Haverford Ave
              Philadelphia, PA 19151
              (215) 878-8080

              It is not in CC, sorry about that, but is very much worth the drive!

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              1. re: Prettypoodle

                Yea NY Bagels really are good. I was surprised when Capogiro decided to source from H&H when this local bakery is actually better.

                New York, Rolling's, and Filabagel (to a slightly lesser degree) are the only really good bagels I've had from around here--and none have a strong presence in the city. As I mentioned above Four Worlds are good but are not quite a NY-style bagel.

                1. re: Prettypoodle

                  +1, NY Bagel is my local bagel, get the flagel as well.

                  1. re: Prettypoodle

                    Huh. Good to know. I wouldn't mind the drive, but I found out that South Street Bagels is open on New Year's Day and it's an easy walk for us. They suggested calling on Thursday if we want to put in an order.

                    I will probably send someone else, so I will be sure to have him survey the bag before leaving to make sure we get what we asked for!

                    1. re: urbanfabric

                      Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! Wanted to follow-up to say that I ended up ordering from South Street Bagels. They got our order exactly right and had it ready in time. Bagels were tasty, as they've been.... BUT, oddly enough, they had the same issue with the pumpernickel bagels that I had started to have with Philly Bagel Co before they closed, they tasted like cinnamon. I had a couple at PBC that I could have sworn must have hit the board after a cinnamon raisin course or something, but the ones at South Street Bagel had the same taste. So strange. I commonly associate pumpernickel with a savory spread, and have been so disappointed to bite into it all and feel like I just put scallion cream cheese on a cinnamon bagel.

                  2. I am reviving my old thread to ask, has anyone tried the NY Bagel Cafe and Deli on South Street?


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                    1. re: urbanfabric

                      Yes, they are fake bagels, don't taste boiled. Low quality cream cheese too. As far as pseudo-bagels go they are not the worst, but not worth going to for bagels. Coffee was weak too. Maybe the breakfast platters and sandwiches are good but I didn't try. South St Bagels (the one on 3rd St) is still the best in that area. The bagels are Famous are fine too but obviously not as fresh as South Street.

                      One plus about NY Bagel Cafe, they use real eggs for the breakfast sandwiches, South Street uses very nasty and undersized microwaved egg patties. I didn't actually try the breakfast sandwich at NY though.

                        1. re: urbanfabric

                          I'll add that NY is cheaper than South Street bagels too... you'll get out of there saving a couple bucks on bagel & cream cheese + coffee... but the quality is commensurate. One nice thing, NY has a frequent buyer card so you get a free coffee for every six.