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Dec 7, 2010 08:53 AM

Anyone remember The Trio restaurant in Phoenixville

I haven't had a pork sandwich even close to how good they were. Wish I could find a place!!

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  1. Your wish is granted, shellbellc!

    In Mont Clare, on the right hand side of Rt. 29 shortly after the railroad underpass is Eagle's Nest Deli and Market.

    You will find the EXACT replica of the Trio's famous hot pork sandwiches! We always ask for extra "jus" and sauce, and we're instantly transported back in time to those delicious memories of the Trio.

    Tell them Karen sent you!

    1. I absolutely second the Eagle's Nest--the ONLY TRUE ZEP left (unless Eve's is still open?). I grew up in the Trio, practically--the big treat for us as kids was a burger from the Trio with relish. Their pork sandwich was the essence of pork!
      Now I have to call my sibs and remind them of the Trio!!!

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        Hello dberg1313,

        Glad to hear you grew up in the Trio and liked the burgers. I am the daughter of Mickey (Michael) Mastrangelo and I miss those days. My children hear stories and wish they could be there helping out and enjoying it too! My dad still loves to cook, that has not changed! I know he misses it too!


      2. Hi shellbellc,

        I certainly do remember the Trio Restaurant because I am the daughter of Mickey (Michael Mastrangelo)! I miss the restaurant and wish my five children could have seen it to appreciate it. I tell them lots of stories. I actually baked cakes there, helped clean tables, and helped with the salad bar, when salad bars were unheard of. I enjoyed it and miss it! It is nice to see a posting like this!


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        1. re: sjampo

          I'm just getting back to looking at this, pass the Eagles Nest occasionally when I go the back way into work. I'm going to have to try this one!!

          I remember Thursday nights heading down to the shore and we'd pull up outside of the Trio and dad would run in and get 4 sandwiches and we'd head down the shore and eat them on the way. I think my mother-in-law and her sister worked there also...obviously a long time ago. They grew up further down on Bridge street before you get down to 23.

        2. Eagle's Nest is great but I can never make it over before they close. My 'go to' spot in the area for a pork sandwich is Wasko's on 2nd & Gay in Phoenixville. The owner lives in Mont Clare if that counts for Try his prime rib sandwich, as well!

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          1. re: Fitzy31

            If you are looking for a pork/broccoli rabe/provolone sandwich, I had a great one today at Flippin'Pizza in the Eland shopping center on 113.