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Dec 7, 2010 08:18 AM

Middle Keys Holiday Dining

Our family of four (with 13 and 16 year old "chowhounds in training") is spending the holidays on Duck Key. We're interested to hear recommondations particularly for planning our Chistmas Eve and Christmas dinners. We'll have wheels, but don't want to travel further than a half hour or so away. We'd welcome all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Duck Key is limited to the Hawk's Cay Resort restaurants. But if you drive 10 min's south towards Marathon you'll find a number of great options. I'd recommend the following (and plan on eating at many of these with my family in the next few weeks!):

    • Barracuda Grill (Christmas or New Years contender)

    • Fish Tales Market & Eatery- can't visit Marathon without a fish sandwich & a slice of coffee mud pie from here.

    • Keys Fisheries - they actually supply the famous "Joe's Stone Crab" in Miami with their claws.. delicious. They run an amazing $1 a claw special at their tiki bar around sunset... try a lobster reuben too.

    • The Island Fish Co. - definitely a favorite local spot. They always have a great New Years party - live band, teenager friendly, good food, drinks.

    • El Siboney - delicious Cuban food

    • Lazy Days - great food, perfect place to watch the sunset

    I could go on and on... if you'd like any additional recommendations or have any questions pertaining to the above just let me know. Have a fantastic holiday!

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      Thanks Island_EM !
      It's great to see that there are options. Have you ever checked out any of Hawk's Cay's dinner spots?
      I appreciate your feedback.

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        fantastic post!
        anything more to add? we're just arriving in Marathon for a week.
        then we'll be in Key West for a month getting boat repairs.
        we need dining HELP!