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custys lobster buffet

coming in feb. for yale opera, is this worth the $ ???

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  1. Depends. Can you eat $80 worth of lobster and steak?

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      $80??? Lobster is $4.99 a POUND in NH Sirloin is $3.99 a pound. That would be 16 POUNDS of Lobster. and 20 of steak. It's not worth it....

      1. re: gryphonskeeper

        Well, to be fair, you can't compare what you can buy food in a supermarket to what a restaurant charges. And NY Sirloin is 12.99 and up per pound, not $3.99. . Lobster here is $6.99 and Snow Crab is $8.99. But you pont is well taken. One has to eat a boatload of food to justify the price.

        BTW...where DO you shop? We can't even buy ground chuck for $3.99 much less sirloin.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Market Basket. It has the best prices of any supermarket I have ever seen. One tip on ground chuck, buy a roast and ask the people at the meat dept to grind it for you. They will. It makes the best hamburger. :)

          Market Basket
          1 General Way, Reading, MA

          1. re: gryphonskeeper

            Market Basket will be the next big chain store in New England. 65 stores now and opening at least 5 this year. Even Wal-Mart is afraid to open a supercenter near one. Now spreading into New Hampshire with 5 new stores and moving west. They don't work on the same margins at your average chain. Customers come for miles to shop at one. I go to the Oxford, MA store whenever I get the chance. Not low quality product either as one might think with their prices.

            1. re: awm922

              For the past 3 years, I was in Northern Mass 3 days per week and did all my grocery shopping at Market Basket and hauled it home to Fairfiled County, CT. Now that I no longer have to be in MA, but Market Basket has opened a store in Webster, we make a trip every 6 weeks (1 hr 50 minutes each way) and load up. We spend about $600 getting us what would cost $1100 here in Fairfiled County (Name brands item for item comparison). Their deli choices far exceed any in this area and at about 60% of the price. Far more cuts offered in their meat department as well.

              They finally have their advt available on line:

              Even with $4 gallon gas it's worth the trip, which we will make Tuesday.

              Market Basket
              1 General Way, Reading, MA

      2. If you are in your 20's and can/want to eat 6 lobs, plus sides for bragging rights

        1. tell me, where in nh should i buy lobsters

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          1. holey moley thats a fer piece from newhaven, any suggs closer?? if i have to steam it myself, i might as well get good ones

            1. With buffets, it is always tempting to try to figure out if you are "eating your money's worth". But that is not really the proper inquiry. If you go to a fine dining restaurant and order a $16 app, a $37 entree ($45 or more if it is a pound and a half lobster) and a $9 dessert with a $4 cup of coffee, did the restaurant serve you $66 (or $74) worth of food? Of course not. But rarely do people think to parse out the costs on such a meal the way they do with buffets. Now, I am not saying that Custy's is fine dining, but I think the proper inquiry is: If you want to go out for a lobster dinner and not have to worry about the shopping, cooking and cleaning, would you rather go to a fine dining restaurant and spend $80 for a meal that icludes a single lobster entree, $30 to go to a lobster shack and get a lobster with chowder and corn, or $80 for an all you can eat experience. Only you can answer that. But let's move away from the analysis that the value of the food put in front of you did not equal the amount that you paid for it. That will always be the case whether you spend $4 at Taco Bell, $80 at Custy's or $265 at Per Se.

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              1. re: FoodieJim

                $4 at Taco Bell! I could NEVER eat that much to be worth it! Isn't that like....10 tacos????

              2. good point there. but i`m still wonderin where to buy them lobsters in New Haven ????

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                1. re: leigh58

                  Really? Surely there's a fish market or two where one can readily buy live lobsters, no? Heck, even every supermarket here has a lobster tank.

                  edit: How about here?


                  or here:


                  or maybe here:


                2. Custy's in North Stonington is definitely closed .
                  I drove up to the door yesterday and the sign says,"Closed for good. Thanks to all our loyal patrons".

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                  1. re: KROB

                    Well then, it looks like the market has spoken and $80 is not worth it at Custy's.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      But apparently the market for the Nordic Lodge in Charlestown, RI (same all you can eat lobster buffet concept) has spoken differently. NL is still going strong at $82 per person.

                      Nordic Lodge
                      178 E Pasquiset Trail, Charlestown, R.I., RI 02813

                      1. re: chowmensch

                        True, but according to those who have done both, they are like night and day. Nordic Lodge is in a lovely farm-like rural setting, while Custy's could have been a renovated Denny's. Also the food was deemed to be superior at NL. Alaskan King Crab vs. snow crab. Angus filet mignon vs. tenderloin tips, oyesters and littleneck vs. none, etc, etc. Plus your $82 included bev and tip, so the food is actually more like $66-68 where Custy's was $80 plus tax, bevs, and tip. Big difference right there. Still, with local places here on Cape routinely serving up twin lobster specials at $20 I can't see the value myself.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            I bought two 5lb lobsters at Sams Club at $6.98 a pound for these beasts, is was a hair UNDER $70 and the 2 of us were rolling away from the dinner table...lol