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Dec 7, 2010 07:51 AM

Best spots downtown St. Louis for lunch?

I'm a recent transplant to St. Louis and I live downtown. I like to try new places with my wife (since we are both new here) but there seem to be a lot of downtown places that are only open for lunch and since she works during the day never get to them. I guess I'll have to try a few without her. Any suggestions on places I shouldn't miss for lunch in downtown St. Louis? Thanks!

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  1. Downtown St. Louis' food is pretty disappointing. I would maybe try Lola, they have a good menu. Rooster is really good. I haven't eaten at The Bridge yet but its owned by the same guy who owns Rooster so I am sure its quite excellent. I guess it just depends on what your looking for...

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      Thanks for the response. I've been to Rooster and Bridge and like both of the them. We had dinner at Lola once and were really disappointed (good cocktails, bad food). I was hoping that there would be some good hidden gems. I'll keep looking. Thanks!

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        Sorry about Lola. I totally forgot about the Schlafly Tap Room. I used to live at 20th and Washington and it was always a staple. Service is sometimes iffy but the times ive been recently it was good. I've heard Mango is good but im not sure if they have lunch...

    2. Go to Anthony's. It's in the same building as Tony's, with an entrance off Broadway. Same kitchen, same Bommaritos, and the soup at lunch is the same one at about half the price as what's at dinner. Always a pasta du jour and one of the best Caesar salads with Italian tuna I've ever had. Small, no reservations, but a lovely room, and good people-watching. Highest recommendation.

      1. Not sure if you have been to Kemoll's (which is now at the top of the Met)

        It doesn't look like they are open for lunch, but you have to go for the Early Dinner option. It is easily one of the best deals in town. Salad, entree and dessert for $30, is a ridiculously good deal!

        My family used to attend the "Gourmet Night" dinners, which they don't do anymore, but I include this paragraph off of their website to show how ahead of their time they were. I credit these dinners with afflicting me with a deep love of food, wine and even travel.

        In the sixties, Kemoll's introduced St. Louis to international dining with “Gourmet Nights.” Derived from family and staff visits to Europe, these seven- or eight-course dinners featured the cuisine of a particular city, province or famous restaurant in Italy, France, or some other part of the world. Patrons were treated to authentic foods, course by course, with detailed menu notes and a history of the featured cuisine, without leaving Grand Boulevard! Kemoll's ultimately developed and executed over 40 Gourmet Night menus.

        I must admit that I have not been to Kemoll's in a long time, but I am very confident that it will be one of the best $60 (plus drinks, tax and tip) that you have ever spent.

        Please report back.


        1. I have never been disappointed by lunch at 400 Olive.

          Likewise, Clark Street Grill and Anthony's Bar.

          Clark Street Grill
          811 Spruce Street, St. Louis, MO 63102