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Crumbled Sausage Ideas

I have a bunch of crumbled Italian sausage that i browned yesterday and did not use. I am looking for ideas for dinner tonight, but i do not want to have pasta. Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. Pizza topping
    Italian Sausage Bread
    Sausage Strata
    Dirty Rice

    1. Stuffed Mushrooms
      Sausage Ragu with fresh pasta
      apple & sausage with sage stuffing for a roasted chicken
      pizza topping
      foccaccia bread
      cheese and sausage quiche

      1. Anything in which you can use cooked ground beef.

        1. The Incredible Edible Egg.... ....Omelets!


          1. Broccoli Rabe
            Bread or Biscuits

            1. Fried Rice
              Stuffed Peppers
              Cabbage rolls

              1. Sausage & peppers? Sausage Sloppy Joes? Sausage Tacos?

                1. Sausage Hash: Cube (1/2" - 1") a couple of sweet potatoes & an acorn squash. Toss w/oil or butter + cumin + thyme and saute on medium in a covered skillet until tender. Add diced onion & garlic and cook until onion just turns translucent. (Add sliced mushrooms if you're feeling extra fancy.) Toss in your sausage.

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                  1. Sausage and leek ragu over mustard rubbed pork loin
                    Sausage, seared mushroom pizza with basil oil
                    Add to your meatball recipe and drizzle with saffron sauce

                    1. thanks for all the great ideas..here is the end result...Spaghetti Squash Pie
                      in Pyrex Pie dish...layered.. cooked spaghetti squash, scallion, crumbled sausage, grated provolone and parm cheese... 3 layers.. sprinkle of olive oil and bread crumbs... in the over 425 degrees 25 minutes...it was great... thanks again