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Dec 7, 2010 07:26 AM

Luigi's Lakehurst ..what has happened !!?

A once excelent family restaurant has run it's self into the ground ! It is now run by very young inexperenced ,imature ,often rude people that treat customers like a they are an intreuption to thier social life .For the most part , the bar crowd has gotten out of control where most resently there was a fight in the parking lot requiring one combatant to be airlifed to the hospital .
The food has regressed from top of the line to below average .The only high light seems to thier soups
Another sign of the downward spiral is the restaurant is located in the middle of a military strong hold and you rarely see military people in the place ...
Someboby please tell me what has happened ?

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  1. I know this post is a few years old but I feel I need to reply...I'm in the military and work on lakehurst. I dont know how you can possibly say that you never see military in there. Go at lunch time and good luck getting a seat amongst all the camo in there, and in the evening hours it has always been a favorite for a few drinks. The food isnt 5 star but I have NEVER had a bad meal there.

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      Personally I Liked it years ago when Luigi's was across the was more personal back then..every since Luigi move to the new location & his brother Jerry remodeled the
      Circle Landmark things have changed.

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        In all the times I've been to Luigi's since they moved across the street, I've found the food to be poor or less. It takes a lot to get a negative review out of me but we stopped going after the move across the street and having to deal with burned food and when we complained, were told sorry but not, we'll make it for you again and you can clearly see the food was burned and it wasn't just once (we figure once, we can afford to overlook but with so many better places to eat (3 B's and La Gondola come to mind) Luigi's is going to have to work twice as hard to win us back.