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Dec 7, 2010 07:13 AM

French in CT

Looking to get my parents a girt certificate for Christmas and they love French food. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thank you for your help!

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  1. Is there a specific area of the state you want to stay in (e.g. Ffld. County, Greater Hartford, etc.)?

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      They live on the shoreline but travel to the Hartford area and to New York often. So I would say Hartford, Middlesex and all of the shoreline is good. Thank you for asking!

    2. If your parents are near the shoreline, you cannot do better than Le Petit Cafe in Branford.

      Le Petit Cafe
      225 Montowese St Ste 7, Branford, CT 06405

      1. If you are near Greenwich, best French in the state is Jean Louis, on Lewis Street. If Jean Louis is there you will notice his chartreuse 2CV Renault out front, and he will even take you for a spin after dinner!

        1. In the Hartford area, Cavey's is the best.

          Cavey's Restaurants
          45 E Center St, Manchester, CT 06040

          1. Le Petit Cafe in Branford is excellent for bistro-style food in a laid-back, suburban atmosphere.

            For the big-deal French experience, go for Union League Cafe in New Haven. Excellent food in a beautiful setting, with impeccable service.

            Le Petit Cafe
            225 Montowese St Ste 7, Branford, CT 06405

            Union League Cafe
            1032 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06510