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Dec 7, 2010 06:22 AM

Authentic recipes/ideas for Denmark?

In my Adventure of cooking one meal for every country in the world, I'm finally getting to Denmark. (It has taken almost a year to get through A-C lol)

Anyway, I'm gathering ideas for Denmark. I saw Smorrebrod listed and would be thrilled to try 1-2 variants of this open faced sandwich.

What else would you recommend?

I typically like to do tasty, simple recipes that a mom with a toddler (me) can handle :)

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    1. Some sort of Danish meatball? We ate a lot of fish in Copenhagen - there must be some recipes for that on the web.. and herring.. lots of herring.

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        Thanks Zuriga! I found the famous meatball - Frikadeller... I will definitely make that! Sounds like a classic.

        I also found Danish Apple Cake - Æblekage - looks super tasty. Seems as though there are two versions - one like a cake and one like a trifle. It seems like both are authentic, although the cake one is more common I think.

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          Oh, and as far as fish goes, I'm thinking a smoked salmon smorresbrod - yum :)

        2. If you want to have Danish Smørrebrød I would highly recommend the following:

          - Marinated hearing as mentioned (either a the regular version or the curry version)
          - Leverpostej (danish style pate made from pigs lever) and topped with butter sauteed mushrooms and bacon.
          - Frikkadelle with pickles.

          all of the above requires danish style black bread made from rye though.

          A classical weekday dish that is easy to make and to freeze is: Boller i Karry (meatballs in curry sauce served with rice) a Danish dinner table classic.

          Another one would be: Hakkebøf med brun sovs (a minced beef patty, served with potatos, sauteed onions and gravy) a bit on the heavy side...

          For dessert one of the most Danish things I can think about is: Rød grød med fløde - basically a poridge made of various red berries (so you can make it with whatever you can find) and a little bit of cream poured on top (milk can be used if you want a lighter version)

          These are just some of the many nice things I could think of :)

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            Saveur's website has really good & authentic recipes for various types of pickled herring. My Danish husband gave his stamp of approval.

            I like to make my own liver pate with roasted chanterelles when they're in season...