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Dec 7, 2010 06:16 AM

King Arthurs bread flour ???

Realized I had bought 5 lbs by mistake can I use like All Purpose ? cookies pound cake type breads like zuccini ,apple ,etc ? Thanks

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  1. It will have more gluten... so things will be "tougher" - I would think in a zucchini or banana bread it would be ok, not not in cake or cookies. Just don't expect the food to be light and airy.

    Take it as a good chance to try making some bread... yum!

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    1. re: GlobalTable

      Alton Brown's chewy CC cookie use it.

      1. re: Becca Porter

        So does Jacques Torres's, though he uses a combination. But, I think a recipe that starts w/ bread flour accommodates for the extra gluten and probably has more liquids vs just interchanging equal amounts of bread flour for AP. Looking at Alton Brown's recipe, he has 2 tablespoons of milk in it.

    2. Replace a couple of tablespoons of it with corn starch and it'll work if you can't return it.