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Manchester NH lunch with toddler...tomorrow!

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Heading to Kaleidoscope Museum and then Van Otis....what's nearby for lunch? Son eats everything so cuisine isn't an issue.

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  1. Hmm....maybe Cafe 324? www.cafe324.com

    Cafe 324
    324 Commercial St Ste 203, Manchester, NH 03101

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      that looks great...thanks!

    2. Rizzo, There are so many places in Manchester, but one place that is VERY kid friendly is the Airport Diner. They have pretty good food, and give kids special treatment. It is right off of Brown Ave (off 293, exit 2)

      Airport Diner
      2280 Brown Ave, Manchester, NH 03103

      1. It's a bit further from Cafe 324, but I'd think The Republic would be ok. Don't know that they really have a kids menu, but it's a comfortable place and it would be easy to share your lunch.

        Cafe 324
        324 Commercial St Ste 203, Manchester, NH 03101

        1. Went to Cafe 324...perfect location!! We were able to walk in about 2 minutes. I had a great salad...apple craisin with chicken. Son didn't eat much of his grilled cheese....but it was a nice, convenient spot for lunch. Thanks!