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Dec 7, 2010 05:35 AM

LCBO - "Wines of the old world" class - any reccomendations?

Hello foodies,

Considering taking the wifey to one of these as a Bday present...It's $110/person and inlcudes wine tastings from France, Italy & Spain (no food pairings through). It's not clear which specific wines will be tasted...

Has anyone tried this or similar classes? If so, could you pls chime in with feedback and let me know which location you've tried (i hear quality of experience varies by location)

Many thanks.

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  1. Sounds expensive without food. They better pour good wine for that price and if they don't list them than you can expect lower end stuff.

    1. Odd to me is that Old World Wines are the most food friendly. They are best enjoyed paried with the regional cheese, vegetables, herbs and proteins of the same region. Yet they are offering the class without food.

      I personally would stear clear of this tasting, unless they are offering some very unique wines to taste, that you wouldnt often get a chance to sample. ie: Gaia, first growths, Beaucastle and the likes.

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        Thank you - I think we are better off having a nice dinner with wine pairings!!

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          Have you ever tried any of the Tutored Tastings at the annual Toronto Food and Wine Expo I've been to several (an amazing Amorone tasting last year stands out). You've missed it for this year, but it's held every November and the Tutored Tastings are actually much more fun and interesting than wandering the vendor booths.