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I am looking to buy real Italian Mortodella.?

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I tried some Mortodella in Paris few years back. It was buttery and all I can say I could not try the same thing here in the state. I am new at this site. Any idea where I can buy real Italian delicasen in the la area. Thanks

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  1. You don't say what area of the city you live in, but if you are willing to drive if need be then Guidi Marcello and Bay Cities in Santa Monica as a back up location.

    Bay Cities Italian Deli
    1517 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Guidi Marcello
    1649 10th St, Santa Monica, CA

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        And I believe Sorrento's Italian Deli in Culver City does as well.

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            Claros has both domestic and imported mortadella. psssst. get the imported with pistachios.

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              Claro's (at least in Tustin) has excellent Italian mortadella.

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          If you are in North Hollywood AKA Valley Village check out Village Gourmet on Tujunga. I know they carry a lot of imported products and highly recommend them.

          Village Gourmet
          4357 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA

        2. You don't say where you are in town, and I'm not sure I could tell "real" mortadella from the gringo stuff, but SuperKing (San Fernando Road, just off the 2)'s deli section has about a dozen different kinds, and they will sell you small amounts, so you could try all of 'em.

          1. Having just gone through a Mortadella craving recently, I can only vouch for Boar's Head Mortadella at Gelson's.

            It was stellar!

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              I agree...although perhaps the Italian mortadella at Claro's in Tustin is a bit better, I just had a Boar's Head mortadella and provolone sandwich from Gelson's, and it was quite tasty!

            2. Bristol Farms has excellent mortadella from Italy...and often on sale!! It was approx $7/pound a few weeks ago...and so, so good!

              1. Joan's on Third carries the best Ive had in LA. Also make an excellent mortadella sandwich if you have them hold the mustard.

                1. I checked with Rosario when I was at Roma Deli (in Pasadena) today, and he says all his mortadella is imported.

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                    Rosario's mortadella is pure pig heaven! One of the first times I was in there he was slicing some up and he handed me a paper-thin slice. I'll swear it melted on my tongue, into an elixir of ineffable porky delight. Whenever I feel the need for a truly indulgent sandwich I go get some of that. Easy for me - walking distance. That way I can walk off the calories before I ingest them!

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                      Thanks for the heads up on Roma deli. I'm unfamiliar with this part of Pasadena so I've never seen it. I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm in the area.

                      Mr Taster

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                        I was in there buying some Fontina a couple of days ago and the guy ahead of me had ordered four sandwiches. It was the first time I'd seen those made, and as the process went on they looked better and better; it didn't hurt that he handed me a slice of the capicolla to taste. I blurted out, "I think I've just bought my last Claro's sandwich!" He beamed at me and said, "No comparison, eh?" Okay, his are smaller, and got no tomato or lettuce, and they're $5.50 instead of $4. But they have THAT mortadella and THAT capicolla and THAT provolone and some other meat I'll just have to find out about. And I don't think much of Claro's bread …

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                          Good god Will, what a testimonial. I have to get up there, and fast!

                          Mr Taster

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                            Definitely go, Will is on the money, that sandwich is fantastic. I've driven there from Santa Clarita to get that sandwich. He will even just slice you up enough meat for however many sandwiches you want, then you get the bread, and go home at feast for the next couple days!

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                              They're definitely good sandwiches. Note that Rosario can be prickly if you request any variation on "the sandwich". Actually Rosario can be prickly for no discernible reason. But "the sandwich" is good, and everything I've tried from the deli is good.

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                                My impression is that "the sandwich" is THE SANDWICH. When he's making them the helper brings the various meats and cheese out of the case and hands each one to him to slice, in proper order, a production method that clearly has no room for variations. I intend to take mine home and make any changes or additions there …

                    2. Jordan Market on Westwood Blvd north of Ohio has really good Mortadella which they said is "Persian style" - buttery, lots of pistastios.

                      Jordan Market
                      1449 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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                        Being the fickle type, I have transferred my mortadella affection to the plebian package stuff in the deli case at Vons at the corner of SM Blvd and Barrington. I had to hide my last package because after I invented the smoked turkey, mortadella, butter, touch of mayo, romaine leaf, on Trader Joe's forcachio - someone with refrigerator access scarfed the lot.

                      2. Kinda late to the party...

                        A-1 Imported Groceries here in San Pedro has a couple different imported mortadellas. The pistachio is my favorite.

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                          Surely not as good as the imported stuff, nevertheless, the Boar's Head mortadella with pistachios which is widely available (Gelson's & other markets) is really pretty darn good and makes a terrific sandwich with some good bread and a slice of good provolone.

                        2. You might call the Italian Bakery in Eagle Rock if it's close to you. They have a small deli case, and make mortadella sandwiches. Not sure if it's imported.